23 May, 2015


Douglas and I thought it was time to film another video together and decided to put our knowledge of one another to the time with the Couples 123 Tag.

21 May, 2015


I don't usually share my vlogs on here (apart from in the 'latest vlog' section to the right of my blog) but as I didn't get a huge amount of photographs at the Radiator AW15 press day, I thought I'd just pop the vlog from the same day in too as it seemed a shame to waste to photos.

17 May, 2015


It had been a while since I'd stocked up my Lush stash and I was in need of a little cheering up so I popped into Lush to grab myself a few bits and bobs that I either purchase regularly or wanted to try for the first time.

14 May, 2015


I popped into the Urban Outfitters Autumn/Winter '15 the other day and man, did I want everything. Sigh. Of course, I took lots of photographs to give you a sneaky look at what to expect from Urban Outfitters next season and there's even some men's clothing too.

06 May, 2015


Over the next couple of months I’ll be teaming up with Barbie to create content for their new BStyle website and I wanted to share this exciting news with you lovely lot. As a 90s kid Barbie was everything; I even remember getting the Barbie campervan and the whole family spending hours sticking all the corresponding stickers on and it also had appliances like a stove that made noises – that was a great birthday. I also remember cutting the hair off my Barbie dolls (please tell me I wasn’t the only one). Sorry, Mum!
The BStyle website is a great way for you to become an editor of your own online magazine (something I would have loved to do) you can write, design and share your magazine with all your friends and family, but where do I come into this? Well, I’ll be sharing some words wisdom surrounding vlogging and blogging: from finding inspiration on what to talk about, to writing your first piece, be it for your BStyle magazine or your own blog.

29 April, 2015


For the first time in the 22 years of my existence, I've finally got a fitness routine and have genuinely been enjoying it. Some may argue my next point but I firmly believe it helps to stay motivated when you have workout clothing you feel good in, be it for the colours or the leggings that make you bum look pert, it can't hurt, right? I confess, I am known to where my workout gear to lounge on the sofa scoffing my face whilst watching Gilmore Girls but it's too darn comfortably not to.

Anyway, I'm all for paying for quality but when I have a habit of buying new workout items on the regular and doing 80% of my workouts away from the gym at home (mostly in my pyjamas) I prefer to opt for cheaper alternatives from high street brands. So, after discovering that New Look now do sportswear, I've gathered my favourite picks that you can shop along with one of my workout playlists that keeps me motivated during static cycling, cardio or weight lifting.
1. Grey Slouch Hoodie, £14.99 (buy here)    2. Racer Back Vest, £9.99 (buy here)    3. White Vest, £8.99 (buy here)    4. Mint Green Trainers, £19.99 (buy here)    5. Contrast Vest, £9.99 (buy here)    6. Pink Runner Short, £6.99 (buy here)

19 April, 2015


Spring has shown it's face • Evening walk on the first warm day of the year • Lovely lunch with Douglas and his twin sister