18 August, 2012

My Top 6 Instagram Follows • Summer 2012

I can't go a day without using my instagram, i'm officially an addict and I'm sure a lot of you are the same so I thought it would be nice to share with you my favourite follows on instagram. Hopefully I mention at least one person that you haven't heard of before so you have some new and exciting people to go follow and they're in no particular order, I love them all the same :)

1. Steph and Melissa @thefashioncitizen (follow here)
I first came across Steph and Melissa on YouTube, through their channel thefashioncitizen (view here) and I've been hooked ever since, which I can safely say for the other people I'm going to mention too. Sisters, Steph and Melissa describe themselves as 'Two frugal fashionistas living in the dream in sunny Arizona' and may I say their fashion sense is impeccable.

2. Jenn @imjennim (follow here)
Jenn is another fabulous fashionista, living in California whose vlogs I have been watching for a long time now (view here). Jenn, from clothesencounters describes her channel as 'a hub where you can soak in your weekly taste of my style and people I find inspiring' - If I could swap wardrobes with anyone, it would be Jenn!

3. Jeffrey Campbell @jeffreycampbell (follow here)
Good old Jeffrey Campebll, there isn't much to say about this follow, apart from I love Jeffrey Campbell shoes, along with most people, so who wouldn't want to follow an instagram profile who posts photos of gorgeous shoes daily?

4. Lily @llymlrs (follow here)
Lily, is a 22 year old blogger living in London who I have met on a couple of occasions and she is lovely. Lily goes by the name llymlrs on her blog (view here) and she is a talented and well established fashion and style blogger who has had the opportunity to work with companies such as River Island, New Look, Motel Rocks and currently Galaxy chocolate, alongside myself and other vloggers/bloggers for the Galaxy Essential Upgrades campaign.

5. Bunny @grav3yardgirl (follow here)
I have so much love for Bunny, who goes by the title grav3yardgirl on YouTube (view here). It is so refreshing to watch someone that is care free and completely themselves. Bunny's quirkiness from her channel also reflects on her instagram so she is a worthwhile follow.

6. Estée @essie_button (follow here)
I came across Estée and her YouTube channel not so long ago but after watching one video, I ended up having a marathon of them - she is just so lovely, down to earth and pretty damn funny. Her beauty channel goes by the name essiebutton (view here) where her boyfriend occasionally features and they're just so adorable together.


  1. Aaaah how weird is that I follow them too! I think Jenn has to be my favourite out them all :)



  2. I don't follow all of them, but I do have to say I watch Essiebutton like there is no tomorrow!



  3. Omg I totally have the biggest girl crush on Jenn! xo

  4. I have been wanting an iPhone for ages but the only reason, to be completely honest, is for Instagram. Bunny's photo looks like she would be one entertaining instagram-er xx

    1. It doesn't necessaraly needs to be an iphone to use instagram. I have a galaxy III phone where i have instagram on. Basically any smart phone works for this app.

  5. yes...u did mention one of my fav youtube guru. essie_button. I like watching your youtube too


  6. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  7. i'mjennim is by far one of my favourites on Instagram also :) x

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