19 October, 2012

High Stitched Voice • Blog of the Month

This months Blog of the Month is (drum roll please) High Stistched Voice, written by the ever so stylish Stephanie Huang - check it out here!

It's blogs like this that make me jealous! Why? Because I doubt I will ever take such amazing photographs of my outfits (sigh). Stephanie's blog is full of some of the trendiest and unique outfit posts on the web and there is something about her that never fails to put a smile on my face.

"Marrying my love of writing and my love of fashion, I started this blog. After all, don't they say relationships formed from opposites are the most successful?" 
- Stephanie Huang, Founder of High Stitched Voice

Want the change to feature as 'Blog of the Month'?
Email me at: rhiannon_ashlee@hotmail.co.uk with a link to your blog and please fill in the subject field as 'blog of the month'. I can't guarantee all blogs will feature but I will check each submission out and follow those I like - I would still love to see how talented my readers are! 
p.s. I like to introduce my readers to new blogs as well as giving those bloggers an opportunity to help build a wider audience, therefore by no means am I doing this because I think I am any more superior than the next blogger, just to make sure you know that! It's good to help one another out in the blogger community right?


  1. I'm loving Stephanie's blog :) the photos are brilliant, as you said!

    Robyn Mayday

  2. I've followed Stephanie's blog for a while and LOVE it! I agree that the photos are amazing, and I love the name of her blog too :) x

  3. Love stephanies blog! x

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  4. I will defenetly chceck her out as she seems nice! Thankyou ! <3 xo


  5. Thank you sooo much Rhiannon! Adore you :))))) You make me smile too <3
    High-Stitched Voice

  6. Such a lovely blog!

    Emma x

  7. love this blog! well done rhiannon another great post, love your channel so much!


  8. I am so happy to read your article here. Very refreshing and new to me!keep going.

    Maria Ines Rivero