31 March, 2012

Week In Photos No.3

starbucks after a hard day at work // my current favourite nail polish by models own (nude beige) // even though it's summer I shall still wear my favourite dark lipsticks // getting back into filming // a bit of shopping // ben & jerry's cookie dough ice cream *yummo* // my local corner shop has started selling kopparberg *dances* // keep forgetting to cancel my graze box subscription // had a few days of really hot weather // my butterfly fairy lights // new jeans // cocktails at hotel du vin - raspberry mojito!

Rhiannon Ashlee xo
instagram: @rhiannonashlee

27 March, 2012

Cute in Crochet

        dress: topshop // sunglasses: squint @ topshop // nail polish: models own (nude beige)

Summer is creeping up fast and I was excited to wear the first dress, with no tights and cardigan this year *roll on summer* I have wanted this dress for months and I finally had the money to buy it last week. I kept the rest of the outfit simple with a pair of black, circular sunglasses and my new favourite nail polish by models own. Hope your monday wasn't too much of a drag!

Rhiannon Ashlee xo

25 March, 2012

Week In Photos No.2

log fire from two days of camping // haven't had cream soda for years *yummo* // septum piercing out for the first time in months // maltEASTER bunny // polka dot nails // watched a whole evening of paramore on mtv // l'oreal hair bleach to redo my ombre // cheeky photo on the bus with my freshly done ombre hair
// sunglasses shopping on topshop.co.uk - damn you topshop I was only meant to buy one pair!

Rhiannon Ashlee xo
instagram: @rhiannonashlee

24 March, 2012

Back to Basics

top: topshop // jeans: topshop // scarf: topshop // necklace: freedom @ topshop // shoes: new look
// lipstick: no7 (grace) // nail polish: models own (lemon meringue)

I felt like keeping it very simple today with a basic black top and my new, black jeans; I added my stripy cotton scarf and my favourite triangle necklace of the moment to liven up the look. I apologise at the state of my shoes, I really need to buy a new pair of basic black flats *sigh* and my nails have white polka dots on but the camera wasn't picking up on it - white polka dots definitely work better on top of my models own, utopia. It was such a lovely day today, I didn't even need a cardigan, hope you all enjoyed the sun and weren't stuck indoors at work!

Rhiannon Ashlee xo

22 March, 2012

Diary Post No.2

  • So, I've been m.i.a. from the internet scene for the past couple of days as I away camping with a few friends; I am surprised I managed to go so long without twitter, youtube etc but it was actually really nice to just be away from technology. I was also shocked at how much I enjoyed myself, considering I am very much a city/town kind of gal who retches at the site of the smallest spider!
  • The last week has been a lot of fun, spent most of the weekend clubbing/having social drinks down the local pub and from tuesday to thursday I've been camping, so that and the lovely weather is making it feel like summer is here for definate *dances*
  • I am surprised I haven't come back with food poisoning but the boys did do a good job at cooking the food which consisted of a load of sausages, eggs, beans and bread rolls, and yes us girls (the bestest and I) didn't do any cooking because the fire was bloody hot and I am pretty sure the lads now have no arm hair!
  • Luckily we didn't have to sleep in tents, my mate Joe inherited some land and so his family built a little cabin which is where we slept, although there was one single bed and a double bed to share between five of us which wasn't too fun and the cover kept getting pulled off my feet so I constantly had cold tootsies :(
  • At night we put tea lights around the forrest so we had some idea of where we were walking - it looked so pretty!
  • Last night we let off a chinese latin each, in the field next to the cabin, which was a first for me also, all well as camping (yes I've never camped out before), it was always something I had seen in films and wanted to do so to see it for real was as magical as I hoped!
  • I'm looking forward to next week and tomorrow I'm going to email a lot more magazines in the hope one of them will get back to me with an internship and I'm going to try and film too. Hope you guys are having a nice week, I'd love to know what you have all been up too!
Rhiannon Ashlee xo 

19 March, 2012

Week In Photos No.1

denim overload // bringing out my topshop bowler hat after a few months of neglet // student night // rewatching series 1 & 2 of skins - classic // new favourite starbucks is an iced caramel latte // as soon as the sun comes out the weather goes crap and rainy, typical england // polka nails // trying on clothes in topshop, didn't even have money to buy any // first time my name has been written on my starbucks!!

17 March, 2012

15 March, 2012

Diary Post No.1

  • This is my first diary post of many I am sure; I thought it would be nice to keep you lovelies up to date with my life and anything else I want to ramble on about but I'll try to make these posts to the point and easy reading!
  • So today has been a pretty productive day, I met up with one of my besties Lucy for a Starbucks (we wanted the free latte they were offering today but apparently they stop doing that by mid-day so we missed out *cries*) - my new favourite Starbucks is an iced caramel latte!
  • Before I met Lucy I quickly snapped some photos of my outfit which I then posted earlier in Starbucks and then got started on another blog post which is still in progress.
  • I'm now sat on my sofa watching The Kardashians THS on E! snuggled up in my new over-sized navy cardigan that I got in the New Look sale today!
  • Oh, did I mention I got stopped by someone snapping pictures for a street style section in a magazine? I won't say which magazine just yet but when it's published I'll post it - I'm so excited!!
  • That's all for now, I'm waiting to hear back from a load of magazines that I emailed asking for work experience/internships *fingers crossed*
 Rhiannon Ashlee xo

14 March, 2012

Sugar and Spice

dress: asos // collared top: topshop // tights: topshop // hat: topshop // necklace: topshop
// rings: camden market // lipstick: no7 (grace) // nail polish: models own (utopia)

Today is not only sunny but warm which has put me in an awesome mood; I actually left the house without a jacket or cardigan! Normally I wear this dress with a belt but I was feeling brave and figured that even though the drape is very shapeless, the top half is fitted enough to make up for it. I love the sugary pastel coloured palette of my dress and nail polish in contrast with my dark lipstick, black bowler hat and a cross necklace.

Edgy Floral

mens levi jacket: rokit // crop top: topshop // cardigan: topshop // skirt: topshop // belt: rokit
// tights: topshop // peace ring: urban outfitters // silver rings: camden market 
// sunglasses: squint @ topshop // nail polish: models own (utopia) 

Summer is fast approaching and I don't think I have ever been so excited for the warm weather to begin; I over heard some people say we are going to get a really hot April again *fingers crossed* but this is England and I am sure the weather will take a turn for the worst after teasing us with lovely sunshine.

So, onto the outfit, like I mentioned before it's warming up which meant I could finally get my high waisted floral skirt out that I brought during the winter. I love how this skirt has an 'old school' cut and pattern to it and I teamed it up with my over sized, mens jacket for an edgy twist on the ever so girly look, because lets face it, the rocker in me needs to grunge up any look - as the sun was out I added my favourite black, circular sunglasses.