29 April, 2012

Week In Photos No.7

boredom // hate waiting around.. it makes me take silly photos // casual outfit - round my mums for dinner // got some mini lindt lindor eggs as a late easter present from my mum // natural yoghurt with raisins, strawberries and physalis for breakfast *yummo* // plaited hair // straightened my hair for the first time in a year // new shirt from topshop // cottage cheese salad - this healthy eating is going well // brought a shake weight // my new mug from tk maxx // topshop nail polish in domestic goddess // new necklace stand // saturdays outfit - beanie, plaits, jeans and an oversized, distressed tee // whole wheat penne pasta 
with salmon, spinach and philadelphia for dinner!

Rhiannon Ashlee xo
instagram: @rhiannonashlee

22 April, 2012

Week In Photos No.6

lilac lipstick from lime crime // first face mask in the long time // had some trouble uploading // found these at marks & spencer in charing cross and I couldn't resist - I'm such a child at heart // the best pasta *yum*
// apple flavoured shisha with lucy // domino's with the bestest // twitcam on a friday night with lucy // floral shirt

Rhiannon Ashlee xo
instagram: @rhiannonashlee

17 April, 2012

For the Love of Lilac

bandeau dress: topshop // sheer cross top: topshop // cardigan: new look // tights: topshop // hat: topshop // belt: rokit // necklace: freedom @ topshop // ring: regal rose // bag: topshop // lipstick: lime crime (d'lilac) // nail polish: models own (lilac dream)

Today was one of those days where I had little to no sleep so I wanted to feel comfortable but still make a statement; half way through filming a video today my new lime crime lipstick came and I figured what a better way to make a statement. I had a catch up in starbucks with the bestest earlier and I admit, I got a few odd looks walking though town but hell, pastel lipsticks are the new statement lipsticks because in my opinion everyone has got too comfortable with darks so it's time to step out of out comfort zone again - I'm still undecided as to whether I look the lilac lipstick though!

Rhiannon Ashlee xo

15 April, 2012

Week In Photos No.5

domino's // waiting around for my video to upload after two failed attempts // in the pub with friends who are back from uni // asos delivery - click here for the haul video // summer fruits kopparberg is finally back *dances* // hanging out with the bestest // friday night out // watching my all time favourite film romeo and juliet at 3am // love my new dress - weather just needs to warm up so I can wear it!

Rhiannon Ashlee xo
instagram: @rhiannonashlee

09 April, 2012

London YouTube Meet Up in Hyde Park

jamie ryan dee from jamjars // alfie from pointlessblog // kickthepj // marcus from marcusbutlertv // jack & dean from omfgitsjackanddean //  harrison from omgharrisonwebb // take my eyes off my camera for a second and I get this from jack & dean // hanging out with alfie after the meet up along with marcus // a lovely girl playing guitar // tom law from tomlawmusic // jack & dean meeting fans // so many people // alfie riding a random bike // talking to jamie & ben from sortedfood // jamie ryan dee meeting fans
  (a handful of many photos taken at the meet up - these ones were tweeted to me by followers)

On April 7th , I went to a YouTube meet up organised by Sam Pepper - I was one of many YouTubers listed to go and it was amazing how many 'fans' turned up to see us all. Other YouTubers who turned up who aren't featured in the photos above include: BertiebertG, Reece Tan, CupOfTeam, FoodForLouis, mrtinoforever and DomDayable. I really enjoyed myself apart from the fact is was really quite cold which meant everyone lost all feeling in their hands - working my camera got difficult as you can imagine, but everyone soldiered on. I was surprised at how many people were there for me and I don't think I've had my photo taken so many times in one day; I loved meeting all of you, you were all so lovely and I have some very stylish subscribers! When the crowds cleared I finally got to catch up with Alfie, Sam and Marcus - we got some odd looks walking through london with a giant blow up dinosaur (someone gave it to Sam) and after he left I went back to Marcus and Alfie's hotel room to chill for a bit (it felt so good to sit down after being on my feet all day) and after I took the last train home and boy I was tired.
I always love the vibe at YouTube gatherings; there is always such a great sense of community. To watch my video from the meet up CLICK HERE.

Rhiannon Ashlee xo

08 April, 2012

Week In Photos No.4

drunken texts from the bestest on a sunday evening *chuckle* // wearing my barry m nail polish in peach melba for the first time this year - I wore it so much last summer // my motel rocks jeans came // my first high end foundation - mac studio fix in NW20 // green tea isn't a bad as I thought it would taste // forcing myself to like vita coco as it's healthy // weather turned bad again // my regal rose things came // finally got a lilac nail polish // up all night until the sun started to rise // I take silly photos of myself whilst filming // editing // me in a dutch magazine for my cinnamon challenge // youtube meet up // tuna baguette from upper crust at london charing cross after a long day - on the train journey back!

Rhiannon Ashlee xo
instagram: @rhiannonashlee

01 April, 2012

Diary Post No.3

  • Today has been, well.. far from productive, the whole weekend has been pretty anti-climactic after such a great week which has left me feeling a bit down.
  • I wanted to film today but next door are building something in their back garden and for the last two days all I have heard is non-stop hammering - it's torture!
  • On a positive note, the rest of my week was rather lovely; the weather was hot hot hot which meant walking around in no more than a tee and jeans or a summer dress - it's amazing how happy everyone is just because the sun comes out!
  • I started getting back into filming for my YouTube and it was pay day so I did a bit of online shopping.
  • Wednesday I spent my afternoon chilling in the garden drinking Pimm's with my mate - it was the first time I had ever drunk Pimm's and it's tasty I have to admit, when the sun went in we watched one of my all-time favourite films, Kick-Ass!
  • Thursday evening I went for cocktails at Hotel Du Vin (a very nice hotel/bistro/bar) with my friend - I had a raspberry mojito and a cosmopolitan *yum*, cocktails turned into a very drunken night where we visited several pubs and clubs including a very quiet karaoke bar where we sang and danced with no care in the world *facepalm* and after we joined a few of our mates ta the usual club of choice on a thursday night which is student night in my town!
  • All in all I've had a great week and looking forward to seeing the bestest tomorrow for a spot of shopping and no doubt a cheeky Starbucks :)
Rhiannon Ashlee xo