09 May, 2012

Diary Post No.4

  • Today, has been a very productive day; for someone who has a very messed up sleep pattern I am proud to say I had filmed, edited and started to upload a new YouTube video by 11am which you can watch HERE!
  • Lucy rang me up and asked if I wanted to go out for lunch as she has a Taste Card which means you can get discounts at a lot of restaurants, and of course I said 'yes!' - I'm not one to say no to half-price food :)
  • We went to Strada for our lunch whilst my video uploaded back at home, and for £10 I got a gorgeous sausage and pancetta pasta with broccoli topped with chilli (yes my mouth was on fire by the end of the meal but it was so worth it), cheesecake and a diet coke *yums*
  • Had a pretty nice day and now I have to go decide what the flaming heck I am going to wear to a launch party in London tomorrow!
Rhiannon Ashlee xo

08 May, 2012

Week In Photos No.8

new favourite nail polish - forget me not by topshop // online shopping for holiday things and for once i'm spending my money on things I need // super wavy hair // watching nirvana unplugged on mtv // new onesie // goodies for my holiday arrived from asos // love my new top from new look // nearly forgot to buy the new issue of company magazine // love this chewing gum // starbucks finally got my name right // lucy and I chilling in starbucks // so happy the peanut butter chunky kit kats are back!

Rhiannon Ashlee xo
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