31 July, 2012

Lace Up Shoe Boots • Slurge, Spend or Save

SPLURGE: Jeffrey Campbell, Lita Platform Ankle Boot at Office, £120 (buy here)
If you are a regular reader of fashion blogs or enjoy watching fashion gurus on YouTube then I am sure you have heard of these bad boys, the Jeffrey Campbell Lita. As this is my first Splurge, Spend or Save post I thought the JC Lita would be the perfect item to compare as everyone has gone crazy for the grunge meets 70s disco style shoe boot yet not everyone can afford the price tag that goes along with this ever so popular shoe. 

As a proud owner of a pair myself, I can safely say these are the most comfortable heel I have ever worn (yes, it's not just a rumour) and I have a lot of heels. Not only are these shoes comfortable due to the two inch platform, but they are extremely easy to walk in which is a shock to most people as aesthetically they are a tad daunting. Personally I say they are worth the money but if you're looking for a cheaper alternative or something a little more feminine looking then check out my Spend and Save picks below!

SPEND: Topshop: Arielle High Lace Up Boots, £90 (buy here)
I love these lace up shoe boots from Topshop as they hold their own with the unique design yet have a vibe of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita; it is nice to see that the designers at Topshop have used their creativity and the Lita as purely inspiration rather than creating a copycat version like a lot of other brands. The selling point of this shoe to me is the gorgeous curved healed which not only adds a different twist to the design but is very trendy this season and we shall be seeing a lot more quirky heel shapes going into AW12. 

SAVE: missguided.co.uk : Poulena Leather Lace Up Shoe Boots, £40.99 (buy here)
Here we have an almost identical pair of shoe boots compared to the JC Lita from missguided.co.uk, so if you're drooling over the Jeffrey Campbells but can't justify spending over one hundred pounds on a pair then you can get these very similar ones for more than half the price - not bad right?

What items or trends would you like to see in the next Splurge, Spend or Save?

30 July, 2012

Week in Photos No.16

fallen in love with my gold rimmed circular sunglasses again // cool lime refresha at starbucks // chilling at the beach // this months company magazine // drinking pimms in the sun // ran out of alcohol so my mates and I turned to drinking the mini bottles of alcohol I bought back from holiday // dominos for one // my crazy hair after the beach // love heart in the sand // huge clothing delivery // ready for a casual night out in town wearing my new floral top from loveclothing.com // lunch at starbucks with lucy (follow on twitter) // wearing houndstooth/dogtooth - never thought I'd see the day as I usually really dislike it // listening to macy gray on the train // business meeting at prezzo - could think of worst jobs *wink* // new shoes - will reveal in another post and video // tissue from blotting my lipstick - oh the simplest things haha // topshop nail polish in pillar box (buy here)

24 July, 2012

ASOS Sleeveless Pleated Maxi Dress • RiRi Loves

ASOS: Sleeveless Pleated Maxi Dress, £55 (buy here)
I cannot express how much I adore this maxi dress from ASOS (buy here); Firstly the gorgeous poppy red is a selling point for me as it looks fab on almost any skin tone, including fair people like myself. The dress is made from a lightweight fabric, perfect for the summer and the drape is loose yet flattering so you don't feel suffocated by your clothes on those hot, uncomfortable summer days.

This dress has an empire line cut which I am always looking for in dresses as it gives a really pretty shape to a garment and with this dress for instance, it allows the pleated skirt of the dress to lay over the stomach in a way to hide any lumps or bumps you may feel overwise concious of - or possibly a food baby from when you've over indulged a little too much at lunch with the girls.

To contrast with the loose drape, there is a large key whole on the front of the dress with a button fastening which adds just the perfect amount of sexiness - go all out with colour blocking in this dress and team up with brightly coloured accessories!

Also available in the colour Antique Moss (buy here)

23 July, 2012

Lace Skater Dress at River Island • Pick of the Week

river island: cream chelsea girl lace skater dress, £55
I rarely find items at River Island that I like but this skater dress really stood out to me with its unique paisley patterned lace. There are so many styles of lace dress roaming the high street today and most are just imitations of one another, so if you are on the hunt for a lace dress but want to stand out from the crowd, this is the dress for you. I have always thought skater dresses are flattering on all body shapes and sizes, and are very versatile - wear in the day with some sandals and a cute bowler hat or dress up at night with a pair of heels and a bold lip colour.

Shop more of Chelsea Girl at River Island here.
How would you style this dress?

22 July, 2012

Week in Photos No.15

doug (follow on twitter) and I watching the olympic torch go through our town // my first berry hibiscus refresha from starbucks but can't say I am a fan // long time since I treated myself to dazed and confused magazine // the coca cola float when the olympic torch came through my town // at the mkd rocks launch party // chilling out with big hair and my beanie from topman // cajun chicken with salad and cabbage mash potato - so good // doug and I out in town // free cocktails at mkd rocks (follow on twitter)

21 July, 2012

Wish List • July 2012

1. Topman: Tan Printed Suede Satchel, £60 (buy here)
Most of the time I find myself drooling over the bags at Topman rather than topshop, and this sactchel is just too nice to ignore; it is great for festival season and it's not too small nor too big therefore, making it the perfect size for daily use (we all know us girls like to pack everything but the kitchen).

2. Topshop: Alexy Platform Chelsea Boots, £75 (buy here)
I have wanted a pair of chelsea boots for a while now and a heeled pair is a more feminine version for a comfortable shoe boot to wear during the day when you want an extra height boost. Heeled chelsea boots are a classic item in my eyes as they are fabulous with almost every outfit and are suitable all year round.

3. AX Paris: Cotton Polka Dot Dress, £16.99 (buy here)
Another classic item, the navy blue polka dot dress! Every girl should have one in their wardrobe, it's just about finding the perfect cut to suit your body shape - pair with a red lip to dress it up.

What clothing and accessories are you eyeing up this month?

20 July, 2012

Topshop Unique AW12 • Fashion Focus

It may feel as if summer has yet to begin for those of you like myself living in England, but designers are already hitting the runways with their AW12 collections, including Topshop Unique. As a huge Topshop lover I constantly stay updated with their designers, clothing and campaign's which is why I wanted to show you what Topshop Unique are bringing to the highstreet this autumn/winter as well as sharing my personal top picks from the collection. The garments feature a repeated cross pattern throughout the collection on gorgeous silks and cosy wools, giving a cool, minimalistic and classy vibe.

"A riot of rich autumnal hues endorsed with heavy textural intrigue. Soldier on with strictly utilitarian pieces from oversized shirts, army boots to this seaon’s signature motif. In the words of our creative Director, Kate Phelan – ‘Relax it, mix it up!’" - Topshop

1. Burgundy Longline Coat, £295 (buy here
I am a sucker for anything in the colour burgundy, especially for autumn/winter as it's so in keeping with the season, which is why this long winter coat is one of my favourite picks from the new Topshop Unique collection. This oversized long coat has been updated with purposely visible zips for a twist on this classic style of coat - slip into a pair of Victorian style boots for the perfect match. 

2. Cross Print Step Trousers, £120 (buy here)
These trousers remind me of the patterns seen within 70s interior (in a good way) and makes a nice change to wearing jeans during the winter months - pair with some black flats and a plain tee for a sleek, professional look.

3. Silk Roll Neck Dress, £95 (buy here)
This piece is so simple but I love it! A dress like this gives you the choice to either layer up for warmth on those breezy autumnal days or add a simply item of jewellery with tights and heels for a girly, minimalistic look at night.

Shop the full collection here and view the catwalk here.
What are your favourite items from the collection?

18 July, 2012

Send in your Style No.4

hat: h&m // dress: goodwill // stockings: walgreens // socks: cut from old tights // boots: nordstrom
AGE: 15    FROM: Seattle, WA    BLOG: dailydoseofdana    YOUTUBE: Danamkg

"To me fashion is a way to express myself on a daily basis and just have fun. You can show different sides of yourself to the world. I feel more confident when I dress the way I like, and enjoy being inspired by other people's style in real life and on the internet. My favorite stores are thrift stores, Urban Outfitters, H&M and Forever 21."

clothing from zara, primark and charity shops
AGE: 18    FROM: Chesire    BLOG: teaandtwosugars

"I'm a bit of a chameleon when it comes to style and have a tendency to channel a variety of different looks from one day to the next, depending on how I feel when I wake up. I've been described as looking like I've stepped out of a Ralph Lauren catalogue and from a funeral procession in the space of a week." 

shorts: urban outfitters // peter pan collar dress worn as a top: warehouse // boots and shoes: local boutiques

Stephanie Huang
AGE: 17   FROM: Shanghai, China   BLOG: highstitchedvoice   LOOKBOOK: highstickedvoice

"For me, fashion is about achieving that certain aesthetic and capturing the emotions that you feel in a single outfit - and once you find the right outfit for a specific day, everything you do on that one day just seems so much better! My style changes on a day-to-day basis. I'm constantly evolving, and I feel inspired by different things each day."

Want to feature in the next 'Send in your Style'?
Send in your photos (high quality if possible and full length) with your name, age, where you're from, if you have a blog/youtube etc, where all your clothes/accessories are from and anything you would like to say e.g. a description of what fashion means to you, how you would describe your style, your favourite places to shop, why you chose that outfit, anything you like! EMAIL ME AT: rhiannon_ashlee@hotmail.co.uk

15 July, 2012

Week in Photos No.14 • Holiday Edition

out in my favourite blue maxi dress from goldie at topshop // chilling by the pool // mine and ambers caricature // twenty sex on the beach anyone? // amber and I // pretty flowers // tan and freckles // two lovely subscribers I met whilst in palma nova // drinking games at the hotel // only decent meal we had all week // at bcm in maga // wearing my new playsuit from motel rocks (buy here) with my jeffrey campbell lita's // more pretty flowers // casual outfit for last night on holiday // saying goodbye to our mates from chester who we met at our hotel // lovin' this flavour of crisps // once again another pretty flower // polka dot bikini (buy here)

13 July, 2012

Interview with Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott and I at Taylor Taylor

On Thursday 7th June, I had my first celebrity interview on behalf of Galaxy Essential Upgrades and I don't think i've been so nervous in a long time; first ever interview, with several others watching and not to mention the fact it was with the pop princess herself, Pixie Lott, can we say 'thrown in the deep end'?

Nonetheless it was an amazing experience, such a great opportunity and it went a lot better than I imagined; I was surprised when people couldn't tell I was nervous and I apparently came across really confident because inside I felt like a nervous wreck. My friend Harry came along to help with filming and I'm really glad he did as it would have made my life much more stressful trying to film and interview at the same time, he was a life saver and calmed my nerves a lot. It was a bit of a shaky start but I really got into it and I think it went well considering it was my first time at this, although obviously I have a lot to improve.

Pixie was so lovely and she is even prettier in person; when Harry was setting up the camera, Pixie and I had a little conversation about the usual - hair, clothes, what she was up to that evening and about my blog/youtube etc, it felt like I was just talking to a friend so that calmed me down a lot.

To watch the full interview click here.

Pixie's outfit: striped dress from Petit Bateau, shoes from Penelope Chilvers, jacket from Juicy Couture, jewellery from Maria Francesca Pepe, bag from Louis Quartorze, hair by Holly Rudge at Taylor Taylor, makeup by Rachel O'Donell from MAC, nails by Faj Rahman at Taylor Taylor, styling by Aviail at Silver Spoon Attire
My outfit: denim shirt is second hand, collar tips from Regal Rose, jeans from Topshop, jacket from Topshop Petite, hat from Topman, earrings from Topshop, lipstick is So Chaud by MAC 

01 July, 2012

Week in Photos No.13

blogging // I find it really relaxing laying with my legs up on the wall // more gifts from galaxy // so much chocolate // pillow and fairy lights // ready for the long drive to bournemouth // ready for my uncle's wedding // the bride and groom // table at the wedding // my first kinder egg in years // saturday night out - harry and I // sneaky photo my best friend took of doug and I