31 August, 2012

Tapestry Lantern Dress at ASOS • RiRi Loves

asos: nishe flower tapestry lantern dress, £65
Tapestry has filled our fashion magazines lately as it is going to be a huge trend next season; we are starting to see it on shoes, bags, trousers, skirts and dresses, you name it! I recently bought this tapestry dress from ASOS (buy here) and I love it so much - I can tell it is going to be a staple piece in my AW12 wardrobe!

I have a fare few skater dresses because I think you can never go wrong as they're very flattering and easy to work with, not to mention versatile. This lantern dress makes a lovely outfit for any smart/casual event such as dinner with the family or a night out with the girls; I would style this with a cape when it's chillier in the evenings and on my feet I would either go for a cute, casual look with ankle boots and frilly socks or wear a black suede heel. I bought this dress in a UK size 8 as they were no size 6's left so it is a tiny bit too big for me, therefore I reckon the next size down would be perfect which means this dress is very true to size for any of you who want to know.

What are your thoughts on the tapestry trend?

29 August, 2012

StyleSaint Giveaway • $300 ASOS Gift Card

The other week I introduced you to a website called StyleSaint (view post here) and now I am I back with a giveaway from them. StyleSaint are launching their own Magazine, which is sure to be the raddest fashion email ever, chock full of go-to guides on how to style the latest trends, lessons in pairing, and expert DIY tutorials - I have seen a sneak peek of the magazine and it looks great! Find out more about StyleSaint here.

To celebrate the launch of StyleSaint magazine, they're holding a giveaway where a lucky reader can win the main prize of a $300 ASOS gift card and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this amazing prize is sign up to the StyleSaint fashion email using the widget below - could that be any easier?

Giveaway Info & Rules
- Sign up the the StyleSaint fashion email 
- The winner will be chosen by StyleSaint (not myself)
- The winner will be selected at random and contacted via email

This isn't a sponsored post but I just wanted to let you lovelies know about this fabulous giveaway and StyleSaints exciting new magazine - good luck to those of you who enter!

28 August, 2012

Swing Dress at Topshop Boutique • Pick of the Week

topshop boutique: high neck swing dress, £65
I didn't want to have another Topshop item for this weeks Pick of the Week but when I came across this dress on the website (buy here) I couldn't help but let out a little 'awww!' because isn't this dress one of the loveliest dresses you've seen this season? 

The print on the dress is detailed yet subtle and is in-keeping with the baroque trend making its way onto the high-street next season but the unique point of this dress has to be the cut. I love dresses with an empire line and unlike most dress designed like this, there is no visible seam or band around the empire line which makes the structure look more natural and the drape of the dress is just lovely as it will flatter any size.

As this swing dress is by Topsop Boutique (which is generally more expensive than the primary range) and is very well made I think £65 is not a bad price to pay for such a wonderful garment. If this dress was a bit cheaper I reckon there would be no zip at the back like a lot of Topshops less expensive dresses, which lets face it, is never fun when you haven't got someone to help pull you out of it - yes, there has been too many incidents where I've been stuck in the Topshop changing rooms which a dress half over my head and my arms fixed to each ear.. please tell me I am not the only one this happens to!

I would wear this with a chunky pair of heels and a pretty up-do, maybe the 'milkmaid plait', to show off the true beauty of this dress. How would you style it? 

27 August, 2012

Most Worn Things • Summer 2012

The Most Worn Things for Summer 2012 is a tag that has been quickly passing its way through the fashion/beauty community on YouTube this month and even though I thought people would be sick of it by now, it was requested a lot by my subscribers so I don't like to disappoint and I did it. The tag is basically a video where you showcase items you have being wearing or loving the most this summer and I think it's a nice way for my subscribers to see what else I am wearing or using lately that maybe get missed in other videos.

If you're a vlogger I tag you to do this video and if you're a blogger, why not do this on your blog? I tag you too!

26 August, 2012

Week in Photos No.20

love the little chanel cards you get to test perfume on // over priced lunch in starbucks // got all my train tickets for my holiday in wales with doug (follow on twitter) and his family // featured in a video from summer in the city (view here) // chilling at 2am in my beanie (buy here) // glass of wine and sex and the city // my thigh tattoo for everyone asking (view tattoo video here) // wine time as per usual on a thursday night out // clubbing // onto the pitchers of cocktails // happy meal // uh oh.. I'm in starbucks again!

25 August, 2012

Behind the Scenes of River Island AW12 • Fashion Focus

River Island are soon to be releasing their autumn/winter 2012 collection in stores and here is an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of the AW12 shoot. The video below gives you a sneak peek at next seasons stand out new collection featuring key trends such as gothic, 80s and baroque; enjoy!

I think the video is fab so I hope you loved it as much as I did and it's got you looking forward to the up and coming season at River Island - the AW12 collection isn't out yet but it's coming soon!
sponsored post: full disclaimer click here

24 August, 2012

Studded Buckle Boots • Slurge, Spend or Save

SPLURGE: Jeffrey Campbell, Starburst Stud Boot at Nasty Gal, £119.79 (buy here)
I have noticed that a lot of people have been sporting the western style studded boot lately, and as per usual everyone is after the Jeffrey Campbell version, therefore I thought these would be a great shoe to talk about in the second instalment of Splurge, Spend or Save. If I am totally honest, I am not a fan of the Jeffrey Campbell design - the studs aren't punk enough, the studs and buckles are too gold and I don't like many shoes with a pointed toe. I never thought I'd see the day I didn't like a pair of JC Shoes, but sadly, I don't like these ones and at just under £120 I definitely wouldn't be parting with my money. 

SPEND: Topshop: Alvin Studded Western Boots, £90.00 (buy here)
Topshop never seem to disappoint when it comes to shoes and for £30 less than the Jeffrey Campbell's I would happily spend my hard earned money on these because, how can I put this, they're more ME! The buckles have a more worn look than the JCs, with a chunkier heel, and the overall look of the boot has more of a toughness to it. Although £90 is still a lot of money, shoes like these last all year round, year after year so you definitely get your moneys worth.

SAVE: Office: Nighthawk Stud Black Leather, £80 (buy here)
Even though these studded boots are obviously a knock of the Jeffrey Campbell Starburst stud boots, I actually think Office have done a better job with the design. I usually don't like silver closures on shoes but it works with these and again, the buckles on these are a lot tougher looking than the JC boots which I like. These aren't much cheaper than the last two pair of boots but like I said before, I think shoes should be an investment and last a long time so as they are almost £40 cheaper then the Splurge choice, it takes the edge off a bit.

Which studded buckle boots would you pick?

23 August, 2012

MKD Rocks Launch Party • Events

I was invited to attend the MKD Rocks launch party on July 14th (I know this post is late but I have been waiting for their website to officially launch) held at the stylish Frontline Club in Paddington, London. I took my boyfriend, Doug (follow on twitter) along with me where we were greeted with a goodie bag and a glass of champagne. Whilst we waited for the catwalk and talks to begin we enjoyed the free bar whilst getting to know everyone there; Doug and I had a lovely chat with Tarell (follow on instagram) and Elisha who we had just met that night! MKD Rocks (view here) was established back in January 2012 and it provides a platform for young, up and coming designers to showcase and sell their designs. The designers displayed at the catwalk were very talented and I loved the song choices during the whole event - all in all it was a lovely way to spend a Saturday night and I hope you enjoy a snapshots from the catwalk that I've put in below; all the links to the designers collections shall be attached if you like the look of them! 

Isabel Wong (view collection)
This collection by Isabel Wong was probably one of my favourite from the night as there is a lovely contrast between luxurious silks and flirty sheer organzas.

"My work focuses on simple silhouettes with a combination of abstract and intricate cutting. It is important to me to consider great attention to detail through finishings and the incorporation of contemporary materials and embellishment techniques - in order to direct an interesting yet individual collection. My collection involves a contrast in heavy and light materials such as metal and sheer organzas in an attempt to communicate the theme of 'gravity' and 'levitation'. Experimentation with layering translucent materials, colour and textures meant that my interest in creative cutting and finishings could be further explored, ensuring a professional and exceptional outcome." - Isabel Wong, Designer 

Paris G (view collection)
This collection was my second favourite from the night as there is a nice variety of colours, cuts and styles so there is something for everyone - I absolutely adore the mini dress with the pink panel down the centre!

"Paris G’s Collection is influenced by many things, from everyday life to historical figures such as Marie Antoinette. Paris only uses the most luxurious of fabrics and loves to make woman feel and look fabulous. Today Paris continues to design contemporary womenswear and continues to establish a name for herself within the Fashion World." - MKD Rocks 

I loved this collection by Nkoyo - the print on these amazingly silky scarves are beautiful!

"Everything I make is aimed at Capturing elements of natural beauty and making them into an elaborate piece of beauty." - Alice Nyong, Designer 

Dirty Fresh Laundry (view collection)
It was nice to see a men's collection at the launch party and you can guess that my boyfriend Doug really liked the t-shirts and I have to agree because the concept behind the designs is really unique.

"You are not just buying a t shirt, you are buying an image, a lifestyle" - Reece Bates, Designer 

Carolina DC (view collection)
This is a gorgeous collection of jewellery and the only thing I have to say is how amazingly pretty and sparkly everything is (probably not the most intelligent description).

"From gold and sterling silver, to semi-precious stones like amethysts and aquamarines, you can expect highly original and unique fine jewellery pieces from Carolina’s collections." - MKD Rocks 

22 August, 2012

Red Brick Lipstick • Blog of the Month

I always think it's hard to come across new bloggers compared to how easy it is to find new vloggers when browsing YouTube, so to go alongside my Send in your Style posts and my Blog Roll I thought I would share a favourite blogger of mine each month.

This months blog is from 17 year old, Lily from London whose fashion, photography and lifestyle blog is named Red Brick Lipstick which can be found here!

I adore the overall vibe of her blog and her style of blogging is just lovely; reading her posts always manages to put a smile on my face. The way Lily photographs her outfits is so refreshing as I find a lot of bloggers nowadays use a very similar format when creating outfit post - but let's be fair, how many ways are there really to photograph an outfit?

"redbricklipstick.com is a place for dreamers that live off parma violets, turkish delight, macaroons and rose lemonade. For the girls whose rose tinted sweet smelling summer evenings are spent flicking through magazines viewed through heart shaped glasses" - Lily, Founder of Red Brick Lipstick

Not only does Lily post some gorgeous outfit posts but her lifestyle posts are just as delightful to read, partly because her photography and editing skills are brilliant and I am always guilty of browsing through the photos in magazines and blogs rather than reading. What do you think of Lily's blog?

Want the change to feature as 'Blog of the Month'?
Email me at: rhiannon_ashlee@hotmail.co.uk with a link to your blog and please fill in the subject field as 'blog of the month'. I can't guarantee all blogs will feature but I will check each submission out and follow those I like - I would still love to see how talented my readers are! 
p.s. I like to introduce my readers to new blogs as well as giving those bloggers an opportunity to help build a wider audience, therefore by no means am I doing this because I think I am any more superior than the next blogger, just to make sure you know that! It's good to help one another out in the blogger community right?

21 August, 2012

Edited Clothing • RiRi Loves

A subscriber of mine contacted me a little while back asking if I could check out her vintage online boutique and I was pleasantly surprised at how professional it is and how amazing the clothing is, so I wanted to introduce you lovelies to her website - she didn't ask me to post about it so I'm hoping this is a nice surprise for her!

You can check out Zoe's online boutique here where you will find a wonderful collection of vintage clothing and trust me, if your style is anything like mine you will want everything. Edited consists of three sub-collections; the renewed edition, the recycled edition and the revived edition.

"Edited is a clothing and accessories boutique, specialising in but not limited to vintage pieces. The Edited vision is to create an elite collection of distinctive, rare, original and one-off pieces that have been specially and thoughtfully hand selected and edited" - Zoe, Founder of Edited 

1. The renewed edition (view here)
The renewed edition is a special collection of clothing and accessories that have been carefully selected and edited to improve their look and create distinctive, original and one-off pieces.

2. The recycled edition (view here)
The recycled edition is a special collection of second-hand clothing and accessories that have been carefully selected. The recycled edition consists of rare and unusual modern pieces, from current or up and coming brands.

3. The revived edition (view here)
The revived edition is a special collection of vintage clothing, handbags and accessories that have been carefully sourced and selected. Most items will show some signs of use and character, as expected with vintage clothing.

I have some items from Edited that I shall haul very soon and I can't wait to show them to you as they are gorg! What do you think of Edited?

20 August, 2012

Floral Slit Back Tunic at Topshop • Pick of the Week

topshop: floral slit back smock tunic, £38
I came across this little number a couple of weeks back when I was shopping in my local Topshop (buy here) and I just think it's lovely and makes for a great transitional piece from summer to autumn. Personally, I prefer to wear tops and dresses with a high neckline so it isn't a surprise that I like this dress but I also love the three quarter length sleeves because together they make a very slimline silhouette along with the drape of the dress hiding any unwanted lumps and bumps.

The back of the dress has a narrow V-shaped slit to contrast with the front being so covered up which I feel makes this dress wearable for more people as some are conscious about their arms and would rather show off a bit of back as that is generally the most flattering part of the body. Bare in mind this dress is very short so if you're any taller than 5'5" (my height) I would recommend wearing it as a top - which would still look cute! I would wear this with some tights and a cute pair of booties!

What are your opinions on this weeks pick?

19 August, 2012

Week in Photos No.19

bright yellow jumper with pastel blue nails // you know you go to starbucks too much when it is your second of the day and they put your name on the cup without asking and spelt it correctly // refusing to let doug (follow on twitter) take my photo // starbucks with lucy (follow on twitter) // love this screen cap from mine and dougs video (view here) // wearing my hoodie (buy here) and leather jacket - isn't the british summer just wonderful // delivery from motel rocks (view blog post) // redesigned by tumblr (view here) // I have too much hair for a high pony tail // jim chapman and I at summer in the city // love the fabric my new maxi dress is made out of // dean dobbs and I at summer in the city // I have nothing better to do when walking down the street // trying on clothes in topshop and I bought this jumper (buy here) // sneak peek of my outfit to summer in the city - buy the floral bodice here

18 August, 2012

My Top 6 Instagram Follows • Summer 2012

I can't go a day without using my instagram, i'm officially an addict and I'm sure a lot of you are the same so I thought it would be nice to share with you my favourite follows on instagram. Hopefully I mention at least one person that you haven't heard of before so you have some new and exciting people to go follow and they're in no particular order, I love them all the same :)

1. Steph and Melissa @thefashioncitizen (follow here)
I first came across Steph and Melissa on YouTube, through their channel thefashioncitizen (view here) and I've been hooked ever since, which I can safely say for the other people I'm going to mention too. Sisters, Steph and Melissa describe themselves as 'Two frugal fashionistas living in the dream in sunny Arizona' and may I say their fashion sense is impeccable.

2. Jenn @imjennim (follow here)
Jenn is another fabulous fashionista, living in California whose vlogs I have been watching for a long time now (view here). Jenn, from clothesencounters describes her channel as 'a hub where you can soak in your weekly taste of my style and people I find inspiring' - If I could swap wardrobes with anyone, it would be Jenn!

3. Jeffrey Campbell @jeffreycampbell (follow here)
Good old Jeffrey Campebll, there isn't much to say about this follow, apart from I love Jeffrey Campbell shoes, along with most people, so who wouldn't want to follow an instagram profile who posts photos of gorgeous shoes daily?

4. Lily @llymlrs (follow here)
Lily, is a 22 year old blogger living in London who I have met on a couple of occasions and she is lovely. Lily goes by the name llymlrs on her blog (view here) and she is a talented and well established fashion and style blogger who has had the opportunity to work with companies such as River Island, New Look, Motel Rocks and currently Galaxy chocolate, alongside myself and other vloggers/bloggers for the Galaxy Essential Upgrades campaign.

5. Bunny @grav3yardgirl (follow here)
I have so much love for Bunny, who goes by the title grav3yardgirl on YouTube (view here). It is so refreshing to watch someone that is care free and completely themselves. Bunny's quirkiness from her channel also reflects on her instagram so she is a worthwhile follow.

6. Estée @essie_button (follow here)
I came across Estée and her YouTube channel not so long ago but after watching one video, I ended up having a marathon of them - she is just so lovely, down to earth and pretty damn funny. Her beauty channel goes by the name essiebutton (view here) where her boyfriend occasionally features and they're just so adorable together.

17 August, 2012

Illustrated People • RiRi Loves

illustrated people: boyfriend tee, £35
I was browsing topshop.com the other day, when I came across a collection by Illustrated People (view here) that really caught my eye so I checked out their personal website and I just love their products. I had never heard of this company before but I really like the vibe of their clothing and website; they have a range of quirky and unique prints which are sold on t-shirts, vests, crop tops, raglans and hoodies for both men and women - their t-shirts are hand printed in East London and sold primarily on their website (view here). 
(left) classic tee white mountain, £40 (middle) boyfriend tee, £35 (left) racerback vest charcoal monster, £17.50 (RP £35)
I just wanted to introduce you lovelies to Illustrated People as I think you will all like them as much as I do and they also have a blog which you can check out here. These garments are great for trendy casual attire and can be styled with almost anything - I'd wear an oversized vest with rolled up skinny jeans and a beanie for a comfortable, casual yet cool look.

Spotted any favourite designs on the Illustrated People website?

16 August, 2012

Floral Strapless Bodice from Motel Rocks

motel rocks: hillary strapless body in floral navy pink rose print, £25*
I expected to get paid this morning which meant I could go buy myself something new to wear tonight as my friends and I are out celebrating results day (I didn't get any results but well done to any of you who did) and as I never bother to dress up when I go out, especially on a Thursday aka student night, I thought I'd make the effort on this occasion. Guess what? I never got paid, just my luck! The postman cheered me up a lot when he arrived at my door with a package from Motel Rocks - my exact words were "YES! I now have something to wear tonight!" so really, it couldn't have come at a better time!
This is a nice addition to my wardrobe as I have nothing similar to this and I absolutely love it (buy here). I bought it in an XS/8 and I admit, it looked way too small for me when I unwrapped it but once it was on, it fitted perfectly because it has a lot of give in the fabric. I'm going to wear this tonight with a high waisted skirt and my Jeffrey Campbell Litas (buy here) but it would also look amazing with high waisted jeans and flats for a cute day look. Like the style but not the pattern? Well Motel Rocks do this style in so many more colours and patterns, my other favourites being the black (buy here), black and white polka dot (buy here), white roses (buy here), red and white stripe (buy here).

Have you got your eye on anything from Motel Rocks at the moment?

Leather vs Lace • Style Saint

click here to view full stylebook
A few days ago I came across a website called StyleSaint (view here) which is a site based on the concept of collecting high-fashion imagery to express and define your personal taste. Although it is very similar to a lot of 'scrapbook' style websites, I think it stands out from all the rest as it feels a lot more, shall we say, grown up, sophisticated and high-fashion.

"Style is not meant to be kept a secret, it's a badge that's self-defining and meant to be shared. I want to know your story. I want to see what you worship and how you define yourself. You have a story to tell, say it in style." - Allison, Founder of StyleSaint

I haven't been asked to promote StyleSaint but I feel as part of my job I should be introducing my readers to new and innovative companies/brands, and as I really love this website I had to share it with you all. Login using Twitter or Facebook to get going and although at first it was a bit daunting, like any new website, I got the hang of it very quickly. The idea is to 'tear' photos from the 'newsstand' which will then appear on your profile where you can then create your own 'stylebook', simple!

Why not click here to follow me on StyleSaint and be sure to link me to your profiles so I can follow back!

15 August, 2012

Embroided Lace Tunic at Topshop • Pick of the Week

topshop: embroidered lace insert tunic, £40

I am really becoming a lover of more classic trends and styles as we slowly move into autumn, and this embroidered lace tunic from Topshop (buy here) is one of those items that you can love and re-wear in years to come as it's never really 'out of trend' in my opinion, therefore at £40 you can't really go wrong.

Layer this item up in the winter with dark jeans, boots, a coat and an over-sized scarf or style it during the summer months with a pair of ankle grazer jeans, sandals and some statement sunglasses of your choice - if it was me I would whack on a pair of circular sunnies!

How would you style this cute little number?

12 August, 2012

Boyfriend Tag • Doug and I Answer Your Questions

Once my followers and subscribers heard I had a boyfriend, I had non stop requests to do the the popular boyfriend tag that circulates many channels on YouTube nowadays. Doug and I had a lot of fun filming it yesterday and it went live last last night - the feedback has been amazing and it looks like Doug has gathered a little fan base already! For those who are maybe just readers of my blog and want to meet Doug then I thought I would share the video on here for you.

Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday!

11 August, 2012

Week in Photos No.18

treated myself to vogue for the first time in ages // diet coke and galaxy for breakfast // bad hair day // my hair nearly touches my bum // hit three million total views on youtube // raspberries and strawberries // pretty pink sunrise // blogging in starbucks // this months company magazine // chilling in my vest // yellow jumper and shirt // amazing illustration done by pencilmeetspaper (view here) // raspberry mojitos with my girls // filming with doug (follow on twitter) // tie dye and circular sunglasses

10 August, 2012

FashionRocksMySocks by pencilmeetspaper • Illustration

If you're first reaction to this illustration of me was anything like mine, then I am sure you can understand why I thought this deserved a blog post. The talent behind the illustration is twenty-one year old freelance artist, Larelle, from Australia. Larelle goes by the name pencilmeetspaper on YouTube (watch here) where you can see more of her stunning work! I love this illustration so much and as someone who was an art, textiles and fashion student for six years, I can really appreciate the work that's gone into it! 

Larelle has painted other bloggers like Jessica French from jfstyleandbeauty.com (click here to view) and created a speed drawing of Sammi from beautycrush.co.uk (click here to view).

What do you think? Amazing right? 

09 August, 2012

Send in your Style No.5

Cindy Chou
AGE: 16    FROM: LA, California     BLOG: Styleologie     YOUTUBE: Styleologie

"Fashion is my way of expressing how I feel every morning when I wake up - I dress for myself, and only for myself - I don't try to dress nice to impress anyone but me. I'm no comfort gal, but I do only wear what I like to wear, which is usually heels, dresses, and high waist shorts. There isn't really a single word to describe my style - it changes from day to day, ranging from full-out edgy to sweet & girly. I guess everytime I see something I like in my closet, I just style it the way I see it in my head, no matter what the style is. This particular outfit is my favorite, though it's very simple - a dress, a headband, and heels. It's my favorite because of all the small details that make the dress stand out - the bustier top-half, leather fabric, asymmetrical cut, and the back cutouts make a simple black dress unique enough for me to obsess over. I am definitely a frugal fashionista - I tend to shop at thrift stores, Forever 21, H&M, and Downtown LA."

dress: h&m // cardigan and belt: primark // skirt: diy // shoes: new look // bag: asos
AGE: 18     FROM: London     BLOG: New Kid On The Blog

"I know it sounds cliché, but to me, fashion is a way of expressing myself. I love how it gives you the opportunity of being creative in a way which people may recognise and appreciate! I always dress to suite my mood and I enjoy experimenting with different outfits or ‘playing dress up’ as some may call it! I chose this outfit because whilst it’s quite simple, the skirt adds a sense of boldness without being too in your face which I love!"

boots: matalan // jumper: george at asda // snood: new look // satchel: dorothy perkins // high waisted skinny jeans: h&m
Ciara Baron
AGE: 16     FROM: London      BLOG: A Trickle Of Meaning      TUMBLR: A Trickle Of Meaning

"Fashion, to me, is a form of self expression. A way of showing the world who you are and what you're about. I dress the way I do for nobody but myself. When I feel well dressed it gives me confidence, and make me feel good about myself. With a fabulous pair of heels and a pretty dress I feel like I can achieve anything, I'm ready to conquer the world! Fashion and personal style isn't just a hobby of mine, it's a way of life. Although I do love high street fashion stores for wardrobe staples, I much prefer vintage or DIY clothes. It gives me satisfaction knowing that I'm not going to run into anybody wearing the same outfit as me, and when I'm asked where I bought something, I get a huge sense of pride being able to say 'I made it myself'. My aim is not to look conventionally 'beautiful', but more interesting, edgy and unique."

Want to feature in the next 'Send in your Style'?
Send in your photos (high quality if possible and full length) with your name, age, where you're from, if you have a blog/youtube etc, where all your clothes/accessories are from and anything you would like to say e.g. a description of what fashion means to you, how you would describe your style, your favourite places to shop, why you chose that outfit, anything you like! EMAIL ME AT: rhiannon_ashlee@hotmail.co.uk