30 December, 2012

Week in Photos No.36

wrapping christmas presents // christmas tree at my mums // wearing my new favourite belt from topshop (buy here) // new lantern fairy lights (buy here) // got my favourite perfume for my birthday and the bottle is huge (buy here) // my mum and I having christmas dinner // catching up with friends who are back from university // doug (left) and I (right) in our 'matching' onesies - I bought him one as a joke present so he would stop stealing mine // back to editing // first ever gingerbread hot chocolate // in london with doug (follow on twitter) // my christmas present from doug was a trip on the london eye and a meal // wearing lotus rouge by chanel (buy here) // ready for new years eve // six months anniversary meal with doug
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23 December, 2012

Week in Photos No.35

cosmopolitan magazine with my toffee nut latte // classy outfit photo taken in the starbucks toilets.. jeans and jumper from runway bandits // photo booth action with amber (follow on twitter) // pre-birthday celebrations with cj (follow on twitter) // birthday dinner with mum, step dad and doug (follow on twitter) // present from my mum // mojito whilst waiting for mine and dougs table at tgi friday's // jack daniels chicken at tgi friday's // doug and I ice skating at somerset house

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19 December, 2012

Winterlicious Tag

I was tagged by the gorgeous Jenn from clothesencounters (watch here) to do the Winterlicious tag that's been making it's way around YouTube; I enjoyed doing this fun festive tag and it's just made me more excited for the holidays!

Let me know what you'll be up to this holiday season and what would have been your answers to the questions?

18 December, 2012

Wish List • December 2012

1. Topshop: MOTO Burgundy Cord Pini Dress, £42 (buy here)
The moment I walked past this cord pini in Topshop I shouted to my friend 'I have to have this!' so until I get paid this is on my wish list; I have wanted a pini for months now and being made from cord makes it a perfect for winter - will look lovely with thick woollen tights and ankle boots.

2. Viktor and Rolf: Perfume in Flowerbomb, £48 for 30ml (buy here)
Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf is my all time favourite perfume (I have been wearing it for the past three years) but it is so expensive which is why I get it every year for my birthday, on December 21st from my lovely mum - I'm so excited to be able to wear it again in less than a week as I always run out in the summer and have to wait half a year for more!

3. Topshop: Traditional Fairisle Handwarmers, £10 (buy here)
In my opinion, handwarmers are just adorable and out of my whole collection of hats, gloves and scarves I am yet to own a pair - these fairisle ones from Topshop would go with so much. 

4. American Apparel: Nail Lacquer in Neon Violet, £9 (buy here)
Who says neon coloured nail polishes are only for spring/summer? not me! Liven up a dull wintry outfit with a pop of neon purple.

17 December, 2012

Fashion Followers • How Important Are Trends?

Looking your best can mean different things to different people. It can mean being well groomed, having freshly done hair and nails, wearing colours to suit your skin tone and hair colour, being experimental, and so on. We all have our own fashion values that we put into our look. 

For many, one of those values is keeping up with the latest fashion trends. For others, having your own individual style is more important. But how much do any of us really only wear the latest on-trend gear? After all, some of us prefer to stick to classic pieces - like that favourite pair of black jeans - and avoid trends altogether. Online fashion retailer very.co.uk recently carried out a survey of 110 women aged 25-35 to find out just how much we really care about trends. 

The findings revealed that the majority of people do care about trends to some extent, but aren't slaves to them. 6 out of 10 women questioned said that they paid some attention to trends, but didn’t follow them religiously. The rest were almost evenly split between those who didn’t care about trends, and those who liked to stay on-trend all the time. 

Understandably, it seems we care more about trends in some situations than in others. We care most about making a fashion faux pas at a wedding or a job interview – both the kind of situations where we often feel we’re being judged on how we look, and both events that tend to require a significant amount of forward-planning when it comes to picking the right outfit. 

Many women were prepared to admit that they don’t always get it right, though: despite over 7 in 10 saying that they thought about fashion faux pas when planning outfits, 6 in 10 admitted that they had made a faux pas at some point in their lives. 

Essentially, it seems that most of us care about trends sometimes, but we know there's more to looking good than that, and we're willing to experiment rather than simply copying looks from the fashion magazines. This is a good thing: it means that the fashion industry is relevant to us, rather than being just for the elite haute-couture set. It also means that we're willing to make trends our own, putting our own personal slant on them – and isn’t that how new trends start?

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16 December, 2012

Week in Photos No.34

it's all about layering // bought myself some flowers // doug (follow on twitter) and I clubbing // hawaiian party // spot of shopping in topshop // frosty weather // new polka dot jeans from topshop // loving this new hand cream by crabtree & evelyn (buy here) // on my way back from visiting doug and wearing my new jumper from primark // starbucks // cosy christmas socks from topshop // having way to much fun with tom (follow on twitter) in the toy shop at fenwicks - he found a new friend

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