30 January, 2013

Send in your Style No.9

dress: irving baby // beanie: dangerfield

"Fashion to me is having fun with what you wear!" - Diana, Founder of Anaid Mik (view here)

"I am a complete high street shopper and I get the majority of my clothes from Primark; I love finding gems in there and teaming them up with a Zara bag or H&M pants to make my outfit look 'more expensive' than it really is and I love wearing massive scarves all the time" - Sindy, Founder of Article 21 (view here)

shirt: muse online store // skirt: american apparel // shoes: zara // necklace: zara
"My style is constantly evolving, at the moment I'm really liking dressing with a preppy or rocker vibe. I'm looking forward to adapting my outfits from an Australian summer to an English winter and getting to play with layering" - Andini Ria, Founder of Adventures of Anglophile (view here)

Want to feature in the next 'Send in your Style'?
Send in your photos (high quality if possible and full length) with your name, age, where you're from, if you have a blog/youtube etc, where all your clothes/accessories are from and anything you would like to say e.g. a description of what fashion means to you, how you would describe your style, your favourite places to shop, why you chose that outfit, anything you like! EMAIL ME AT: rhiannon_ashlee@hotmail.co.uk
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29 January, 2013

Stripe Rain Parka at American Apparel • RiRi Loves

american apparel: stripe nylon taffeta rain parka, £72

If you live in England you will know how difficult the whether can be in the spring/summer months because it's too warm for a coat, yet it insists on raining (I know.. summer my arse..) therefore this rain parka from American Apparel (buy here) is perfect for those mild but rainy days. 

I love how this little number is practical yet stylish - who said you have to sacrifice style for practicality!?

I'm not saying this would be suitable for extreme weather conditions but it's good enough for roaming around town etc and even though festival season seems so very far away, it would be a fab item to take to festivals in case it rains and it also has a hood so you can leave your umbrella at home and not have to worry about losing it or poking peoples eyes out in the crowds. Seventy pounds may seem a tad steep but if there is one thing I know about American Apparel is that their products are always amazing quality, therefore this would be a staple piece in your wardrobe for many rainy days to come.

Let me know what your opinion is on the stripe rain parka, would you prefer a different pattern?
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28 January, 2013

Shoe Collection • 2013

Back in 2011 I filmed a Shoe Collection video (view here); a year and a half on I seemed to have gathered a lot more shoes than one girl needs and many of you have been asking for an updated version, so here it is!

WHAT I AM WEARING: Dress: Boohoo (buy here) // Lipstick: Diva by MAC (buy here)

What were your favourite shoes of mine?
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Week in Photos No.40

finally snowed properly // caught up in the snow // starbucks with lucy (follow on twitter) // bought a couple of films in the hmv sale // making percy pig cake with lucy // it all went tits up from here // waiting around whilst lucy shops // snow in coventry where I was visiting lucy at university // homemade granola with natural yogurt for breakfast // sneak peak of my favourite new dress // long time since I had a mango passion fruit at starbucks // braving the cold outdoors with thin tights and white socks from topshop
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21 January, 2013

Faux Fur & Mustard • Outfit Snippets

1. topshop: brown leather bag    2. asos: faux fur bobble hat (buy similar)    3. topshop: lace collar top (buy here)
4. new look: navy skinny jeans (buy here)     5. topshop: mustard cardigan     6. topshop: cut out flats (buy similar)
I visited Doug for the weekend and this is one out of a few outfits I packed; I planned this as my vegging on the sofa all day and watching films outfit, hence why it isn't that warm. I went with a comfy collared top from Topshop and a basic pair of navy skinny jeans for a comfortable but cute look. I added my favourite mustard coloured cardigan and a brown bobble hat with a faux fur bobble for some warmth and I think the colours compliment one other nicely. 

It snowed almost everywhere in the UK this weekend so a lot of you are probably wondering 'how on earth did she get away with those shoes?' but like I said, I was indoors most of the day so I just needed something to keep my feet covered and when we did go outside for a bit I wore my good old brogue ankle boots. In case we left the house (which we did that day to go for a drink in Nero) I bought the whole outfit together with a very old brown bag of mine from Topshop which fits everything I need for a day out in town perfectly.

20 January, 2013

Week in Photos No.39

not worn this denim shirt/jumper combo for ages // denim and cable knit outfit (blog post here) // don't know how I accumulated so many nail polishes // covered in snow // filming a shoe collection // hand recovery from crabtree and evelyn (buy here) is the most amazing thing // drive in dougs car for the first time // wearing lotus rouge by chanel (buy here) on my tootsies // new light shade (buy similar) // I have way too many pairs of jeans // nero with doug // new issue of company magazine // can always rely on marks and spencer for lunch // pathetic attempt to snow // off to watch les miserables with mumma
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19 January, 2013

Baby Blue Jumper • Styling Saturday

1. Topshop: Knitted Textured Stitch Jumper, £36 (buy here)    2. Topshop: Longsleeve White Shirt, £22 (buy here)      
3. Butter London: Nail Polish in Muggins, $14 (buy here)    
4. New Look: Navy Supersoft Skinny Jeans, £19.99 (buy here)
   5. Office: Empire Slipper Black Microfibre Shoes, £25 (buy here)    
6. Topshop: Roller Bowler Hat, £25 (buy here)

I wanted to try something new on my blog, and as some of my favourite posts to write are my Pick of the Week and Wish List posts, where I briefly mention how I would style the items shown, I thought I would actually show you how I style certain items or trends in more detail and I will be doing this every Saturday, hence the name Styling Saturday!

The first item I have decided to style is this gorgeous cornflower blue jumper from Topshop because it's one of my favourite shades of blue and is a great transitional piece for winter to spring - I don't know about you but I'm getting bored of dark winter colours, I'm ready for summer and pastel coloured jumpers are a great way to get you in the pre-spring mood whilst keeping you warm. As the weather in England doesn't start to warm up until late spring time, I have styled it with a white shirt underneath for warmth and to add some layers to the outfit - layers are a great way to add character to an outfit.

I have kept the jeans a medium blue colour as too light would be too much with the light blue jumper (in my opinion) and dark jeans would be too harsh, therefore stick to a nice in between blue wash. Simple accessories work well with this outfit, so I have teamed it with a black bowler hat from Topshop to add to the preppy vibe of the shirt and used a pair of black slippers to keep all attention on the jumper.

One of my favourite things to do when I wear pastel coloured clothing, is to slap on a coat of pastel coloured nail polish in contrast with the item of pastel clothing because I think it looks fab but not too 'in your face' - when I wear bright yellow I love to wear baby blue nail polish for a cute and summary contrast and with this blue jumper, Muggins from Butter London would look amazing.

How would you style this lovely pastel coloured jumper?

17 January, 2013

Denim & Cable Knit • Outfit Snippets

1. asos: tartan scarf (buy similar)   2. vintage: leather shoulder bag   3. vintage: denim shirt (mens)
4. topman: flecked cream jumper    5. new look: grey cable knit tights (buy here)     6. office: brogue ankle boots (buy similar)
On the days I can't photograph my outfit on, I thought it would be nice to try something new on my blog and do the second best thing - show you my outfit laid out. Today I wore my favourite denim shirt which used to be my dads from the 80s teamed with my uber cosy cream jumper from topman, which is a combo I haven't worn in a long time. As the shirt and jumper are dress length for me, I wore thick cable knit tights from New Look and I went for my dark grey ones as they really compliment the neutral colours on top.

Of course I wore this outfit with my brogue ankle boots from Office and tartan scarf from ASOS because they simple compliment most outfits and are currently staple pieces in my wardrobe; the red tartan scarf also adds a classic pop of colour. To tie the whole outfit together I added my all time favourite vintage shoulder bag which again, goes so well with anything I wear, I love it!

Let me know if you would like to see more of these posts!

16 January, 2013

Win $30 Chicnova Coupon • Giveaway (CLOSED)

Chicnova is a women's clothing retailer offering the latest up-to-date trends covering a variety of styles, and you could be in with a chance to win a $30 coupon to spend online at chicnova.com by following the simple rules below:

1. Become chicnova fans on Facebook: www.facebook.com/chicnova.fashion
OR Tumblr: www.chicnova.tumblr.com

2. Register to the site: www.chicnova.com

3. Leave a comment (including your email) and the link of your favourite item on chicnova.com

Giveaway Info
- One entry per person 
- Include your email address within your answer so the winner can be contacted 
- Open to International readers and there will be ONE winner! 
- Must be a follower of fashionrocksmysocks.com either on Google Connect, Hello Cotton, Blog Lovin' or any other way
- Winner will be selected at random and emailed by Chicnova 
- Entrants under the age of 16 must have parental/guardian permission to participate i.e. let them know you're handing out your address 
- The winner will receive a $30 Chicnova coupon 

- Closing date: 12:00 GMT on 26/01/2013 & NOW CLOSED!

Can't wait to see what item you all pick as your favourite - mine would be a slouchy grey, loose knitted jumper which you can view here.

14 January, 2013

Tartan Denim Leggings at Topshop • Pick of the Week

topshop: check denim leggings, £25

Tartan has become huge within the past season and personally, I just can't get enough. I have wanted a pair of tartan jeans for a good year now but considering they're not a classic piece and wouldn't go with much, I can't bring myself to part with too much money, therefore these check leggings from Topshop (buy here) are ideal because they're exactly what I want for half the price of the average jeans in Topshop. Even though these are thick leggings, I still wouldn't feel comfortable wearing these as trousers so I would make sure to wear a long bodycon tee underneath the garment I decided to pair them with (like I always do with leggings) to hide my nether regions!

Tartan trousers are so much fun to style because they fall into so many genres/eras of fashion, for example why not wear these with some Doc Martens and a band tee to emphasise the 90s grunge feel or slip on a leather jacket and some spiked jewellery for a more 70s punk vibe. You can steer away from these more aggressive looks completely and give yourself a preppy look with a jumper and shirt underneath or bring tartan jeans into the 21st Century and style with a loose white tee and some kick ass sunglasses (my choice being circular sunnies as usual).

These leggings are also available in red (buy here) white (buy here) and yellow (buy here).

13 January, 2013

Week in Photos No.38

chilling in starbucks with tom (follow on twitter/instagram) // pret for lunch // glad I found my jumper from monki as it goes so well with my high waisted jeans from runwaybandits.com and belt from topshop (buy here) // watching tom perform // log fire to keep cosy // love the little faux fur bobble on this hat (buy similar) // wearing my favourite high waisted jeans from runwaybandits.com and tartan scarf (buy similar) // hot chocolate whilst editing // burning my new candle from kringlecandle.com
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12 January, 2013

Stains Be Gone with Vanish

When I think about it, if Vanish stain removal had never been created then a lot of my clothes would be unwearable; I can't remember a time when I haven't used vanish to remove that annoying spaghetti bolognese splash back, the bright orange stain left from last nights curry or the dribble of my ribena as a youngster, just to name of few nasty stains - normally my heart would drop when I get a stain on my clothes (because you know how much they mean to me) but as long as I have a bottle of Vanish at home, not an ingling of panic crosses my mind as I know it will easily get most stains out - it never seems to disappoint!

I was surprised when a couple of my friends hadn't heard of Vanish and when Vanish personally got hold of me to kindly ask for a post on their products, I thought why not because I think everyone should know about their products because they really are lifesavers and I have been using it for years (and this whole article is 100% written by myself so please don't get put off when I say they contacted me). As I am a fashion and beauty blogger, I want to focus on makeup stains, and I am sure I'm not the only one who has accidently dripped foundation onto my clothes when half asleep in the early hours of the morning, or caught my red lipstick on the collar of a white shirt (eeekk!) so I am here to tell you the simple solution to removing those stains.

Vanish have a nifty little device on their website at www.vanish.co.uk/stain-solutions where you can find out your 'stain solution' whether it be for clothes or carpets - you select the appropriate category and stain, then it will tell you exactly which Vanish product is best suited to removing the stain and precisely how to use it to get the best out of the product, it couldn't be easier! 

Click here to find out how to get rid of nasty cosmetics stains. If you use Vanish a lot, like myself then I am sure you agree with how good it is but if this is the first time you've heard of it then honestly, try it out because you won't be disappointed!

sponsored post: full disclaimer click here

11 January, 2013

Cream & Navy Collared Jumper • New Purchase

sheinside: apricot pineapple knitting contrast collar open stitch sweater* £19.74

Come rain or shine, you are likely to see me in a pair of skinny jeans and a jumper, therefore over the years I have collected a fair amount of jumpers, and I shan't be stopping with my obsession just yet; I recently got this jumper from sheinside.com (buy here) and I love how it is completely different from any other jumpers I own. The diamond pattern gives this jumper a super cute feel along with the knitted collar - which is a bonus in my books because I always team a jumper with a collared shirt underneath, therefore this jumper gives a different take on the day to day look I usually go for.

I always have to make sure I wear a tee underneath this jumper due to the open stitch making it a tad on the breezy side (not to mention a little revealing) which is why I prefer wearing it indoors - the first time I wore it was whilst I was snuggled up on the sofa with my boyfriend, Douglas watching Love Actually a couple days before Christmas, and it was perfect because unlike a lot of knits, this jumper is really soft and comfortable but I didn't overheat.

I just love how the pattern of the knit and the collar makes this jumper ooze girliness, but if you wanted to toughen this look up, pair with some Doc Martens or some leather look jeans!

Let me know what you think of my new jumper, and how would you style it?

10 January, 2013

Dolce Vita Eyelet Dress at Urban Outfitters • RiRi Loves

urban outfitters: dv by dolce vita long sleeved val dress, $132

Admittedly, this dress is way too summary for this dreary weather we're having here in England right now, I just couldn't help but adore this pretty number. Before we know it spring/summer will be just around the corner so it's never too late to start preparing your summer wardrobe (plus it's a great excuse to shop) and this white dress from Urban Outfitters (buy here) is the perfect dress for hot summers days spent in the pub garden sharing a jug of pimps with your friends or a relaxed picnic in the park.

This dress is made from a light weight cotton mix with eyelet detailing forming a girly yet sophisticated pattern, making it a fabulous way to look stylish and keep cool at the same time. A high neckline combined with full/quarter length sleeves is one of my favourite cuts and as this is a mini dress, a jewel neckline and quarter length sleeves balance out the show of leg nicely; plus if you're concious of showing your upper arms then this sleeve length gives the illusion of slimmer arms yet keeps you cool due to the thin material (and white reflects the sun).

Pair with some tan coloured sandles, a satchel and your favourite sunglasses - mine being a mix between circular and clubmaster sunnnies. Just like the LBD (Little Black Dress), every female needs at least one lovely white summer dress!

What is your idea of the ideal summer dress?

09 January, 2013

Geo iPad Case • New Purchase

urban outfitters: black geo ipad case, £9 (sold out)

I was fortunate enough to get an iPad for Christmas last month but what's the point in carrying a stylish, sleek gadget around without an uber trendy case to match? I searched online for hours, trying to find a case that I loved and then I came across this bad boy on the Urban Outfitters website; iPad cases can be very expensive so when I saw this was in the sale, reduced from £18 (which I still would have paid) to £9 I put it straight into my basket. 

I cannot tell you how much I love this case; I love the little pom poms attached to zip, the quality and the fact it has a pouch at the front of the case to hold chargers, phones etc. Back at university I did a project on South American Textiles and the pattern/pom poms remind me of all the countries I studied like Peru, Chile and Guatemala. 

Let me know what kind of iPad case you have, and where did you buy it from?

08 January, 2013

Animal Print Bralet • Pick of the Week

topshop: animal print strapless bralet, £22
I have never been a huge fan of animal prints but if they're used in small quantities then that, I can deal with, and this leopard print bralet from Topshop (buy here) isn't something I'd usually lean towards but I really like it. Bralets in general are great for wearing under sheer tops and blouses, or with a high waisted pair of skinny jeans for a modern take on the pin up look, but wearing a leopard print bralet will just add a whole new dimension to your outfit.

Liven up the formal combo of black jeans and a blouse, with this leopard print bralet underneath for a hint of character, or for an evening look wear with black high waisted skinny jeans, a red lip and winged eye liner for a vintage feel, and personally I would keep the shoes to a minimum, such as black flats because you want to go for classy, not the 'trying to hard' look as a mix of leopard print and red lipstick can either look super stylish or totally tragic like Kat Moon (you know, from Eastenders). Pin your hair up off your face in a way you feel most comfortable with, such as a sleek bun or a messy pony tail, because this will keep the focus on you outfit/makeup and show off the gorgeous silhouette made by the strapless bralet (reveals your décolletage is one of the most flattering and sexy parts of the female body) and high waisted jeans (cinches in your waist for beautiful curves) and again will stop you looking too 'over the top'.

How would you style this piece?

07 January, 2013

Birthday & Christmas Haul • 2012

Showing what you got for Christmas seems to be a very popular video to film once the holiday festivities are over, and as many of you asked me to film it, I did. I have been a super lucky girl this Christmas with a couple gifts I suspected/asked for and a load I wasn't expecting whatsoever, which was a nice surprise. I combined what I got for my birthday too, due to my birthday being on the 21st December it just made sense I slapped them all in one video!

WHAT I AM WEARING: Dress: Topshop (buy here) // Nail Polish: L Esprit by American Apparel

What did Santa bring you for Christmas this year?

06 January, 2013

Week in Photos No.37

wearing my pini dress from topshop (buy here) // new ipad case from urban outfitters arrived // thrusday night out // the power cut at starbucks left me with no choice but to go to nero - although their strawberry milkshakes are the bomb // bought both of these body washes for one pound in the sale // hanging with tom (follow on twitter) // new pret opening in my home town // mojito time // seems to be an unintentional theme with my ipad case and camera strap // off out to do some work // love my new jumper
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05 January, 2013

Non-Fashion/Beauty Wish List • January 2013

1. DotComGiftShop: Set of Two Sweetheart Large Storage Jars, £19.95 (buy here)
When you're a compulsive buyer/collecter like myself, with only a bedroom to fit everything in, it's time to get smart with your storage but that doesn't mean you have to settle for plain, boring boxes. These glass jars from dotcomgiftsshop.com are a cute and quirky way to gather all those bits and bobs that tend to go missing, such as pens, hair bands, notes.. anything!

2. DotComeGiftShop: String of Pink Gardenia Lights, £19.95 (buy here)
Anyone who knows me well, will know I am obsessed with fairy lights and I recently purchased some floral lantern ones (buy here) which I adore, but for a while now I have been on the hunt for flower lights and these red and pink one are so pretty - wrap them around your bed or hang them over your curtain pole to add a feminine touch to your room.

3. Urban Outfitters: Black Geo iPad Case, £9 (buy here)
This Christmas I was one of those lucky people to be gifted an iPad (thank you mum) and even though I have a cover for the front, I need something I can put it in when I travel - this Aztec case from Urban Outfitters is definitely the most stylish case I have come across and it's in the sale for only £9!   

What is your favourite item from my wish list this month?

04 January, 2013

December Favourites • 2012

On to the last monthly favourites video of 2012 which makes me feel a little sad as it was a good year, but I'm excited to see what 2013 has it store. I had a lot of favourites last month, so I had to narrow them down a bit, hope you enjoy!

WHAT I AM WEARING: Top: Topshop // Dress: Topshop (buy here) // Nail Polish: L Esprit by American Apparel

What were your favourite things in the last month of 2012?

03 January, 2013

Style Snippets of 2012

I started blogging just under a year ago and over the course of last year I collected a fair amount of instagram photos, a lot of them showing 'snippets' of my outfits, therefore I thought I would gather them all together for one post and show a summary of some of my style snippets throughout last year.

I was quite surprised by the variety of colours, styles and textures worn throughout the year as I always feel like I only wear skinny jeans and jumpers, but obviously I have proved myself wrong. My red tartan scarf from ASOS played a huge role in my outfits towards the latter half of the year and will continue to do so this year as I love it. 2012 was a year I took a liking to more athletic footwear, with my Vans (buy here), Converse (buy here) and platform sneakers which made a nice chance because I've only ever worn ankle boots or flats (I have a feeling by sporty boyfriend, Douglas has rubbed off on me a bit, especially with the Vans).

I'm hoping that once I have my own house in the summer, I'll have a nice set up where I can take proper outfit photos and begin to show you lot how I style my wardrobe on a day to day basis!

Which are your favourite pieces from my style snippets of 2012?
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02 January, 2013

Wish List • January 2013

1. Topshop: Knitted Textured Crop Jumper, £30 (buy here)
For months now I have been on the search for the perfect high waisted jeans and a few weeks ago I found them, but now I need some cropped shirts and jumpers to go with them - this burgundy cropped jumper is perfect with cropped jeans this winter.

2. American Apparel: Nail Lacquer in Summer Peach, £9 (buy here)
Since I purchased my first American Apparel nail polish I have fallen in love - the formula is the best I've used as it doesn't chip for days and the colour pay off is amazing, totally opaque with two coats. Now I want more as they're definitely worth the money, therefore I thought a classic pinky nude would be nice as I don't own a colour like it.

3. Office: Undoing Burgundy Leather Shoes, £85 (buy here)
A few months ago I wrote about a pair of buckled ankle boots from Topshop (view here), but because they were so lovely they sold out pretty fast. I recently came across this pair of burgundy leather boots from Office that are very similar to the Topshop ones and immediately added them to my wish list - wear them right now with skinny jeans and a chunky knit jumper or in the summer with floral dress.  

4. Johnstons: Tartan Scarf, £16 at ASOS (buy here)
Call me crazy, but I need another tartan scarf! I love my red tartan scarf from ASOS but it doesn't go with everything I wear (although it does go with an awful lot) which is why I have been on the hunt for a more neutral coloured tartan scarf like this dark green one by Johnstons at ASOS.

Which items would you pick from my January wish list?