31 March, 2013

Week in Photos No.47

This week I have had a blast! I saw my best friend for the first time in two months as she is now back from university for the Easter Holiday, Doug came home for a couple of days, I had a trip to London with my Mumma and it doesn't stop there. I have decided to change up my blog and add a 'read more' to my posts for many reasons but I won't bore you with all that now; I just wanted to let you know my Week in Photos will still have the same layout, you'll just have to click on 'read more' to see all the photos and links!

28 March, 2013

Boyfriend Tag

Douglas and I filmed our first video together for my YouTube channel almost eight months ago, so we thought it was about time we filmed the 'official' boyfriend tag. Hope you enjoy!

WHAT I AM WEARING: Dress: plndr.com // Nail Polish: Vixen by Revlon

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24 March, 2013

Week in Photos No.46

wearing one of my fave dresses from motel rocks (buy here) // go away snow // one direction tickets came in the post
heeled chelsea boots (buy similar) with scalloped socks // new dress from plndr.com // out with tom yet again
wearing my coat from topshop (buy here) with my dress from motel (buy here) // editing // whacking out my floral jeans
opted for the kids menu at wagamamas // we don't eat with chop sticks, we do this instead // porn star martinis
the parka is back out (buy similar) and it's almost april // hello sexy new iphone 5 // drunken twister at toms 20th birthday bash
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19 March, 2013

Monochrome Stripes • Outfit Snippets

1. penny dress: motel rocks* (buy here)            2. lipstick in lady danger: mac
3. sheer socks: forever 21 (buy similar)         4. heeled chelsea boots: soyoushoes (buy here)
One of the favourite items in my closet at the moment is my black and white stripe penny dress from Motel because not only is it bang on trend with this spring/summers monochrome trend, but I love dresses with this cut and silhouette; it's one of those items I have to force myself not to wear somedays or I'd be wearing it everyday!

It is still super chilly where I live so I whacked on a pair of 15 denier tights (which I didn't include in the photograph above as they don't look too pretty) as well as a cute pair of sheer, scalloped ankle socks gifted to me by Jenn from imjennim.com aka clothesencounters in our swap we did back last year (view post).

It's been a long time since I have worn my heeled chelsea boots, therefore I decided to show them some love again and I think they go perfectly with this outfit. Now, as this combo looks a little too black and white for my liking I did what I do to all my outfits that feel slightly lacklustre and I added a pop of bright red to my lips using MAC's Lady Danger (one of my all-time favourites).

What are your thoughts on Motel's popular penny dress this season?
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18 March, 2013

Send in your Style No.10

top & hat: topshop // skirt: charity shop // velvet litas & necklace: nasty gal // rings: ysl // bracelets: asos

"My style is something that's forever changing on a daily bases. I can never pre-plan an outfit for the next day because the way I dress is suited to the mood I've woken up in! I love a good bargain as much as the next person, but Topshop will always be close to my heart! I always aim to stand out from the crowd style wise, the best advice is to have fun, don't worry about people around you! Wear what you want to wear" - Charmaine C, Founder of Charmaines Closet (view here)

jacket: thrifted // shirt: thrifted // skirt: forever 21 // socks: h&m // boots: thrifted

"I would describe my style as "forever changing" one day I'll feel a bit girly with an edgy twist and another day I'll want to look really polished! I'm only 16 so I'm still trying to figure out what fits me best. I always look to certain tumblrs, (fashionfever, dirtylittlestylewhoree), fashion blogs and my friends for fashion inspiration because I find them to be more relatable" - Candace, Founder of The Patrician (view here)

jumper: vintage // check trousers: urban outfitters // shoes: dr martens // beanie: charity shop

"Fashion recycles itself all the time, for example, this Spring/Summer is focusing on the 1950s. I love purchasing vintage clothes, mostly because I can partake in current trends whilst wearing items that I wouldn't normally see from Topshop or any other mainstream high-street store. I adore scouring eBay for unique vintage pieces as well as local vintage shops and charity shops; it's so satisfying to pick up quirky pieces at much cheaper prices" - Jasmine Adams

Want to feature in the next 'Send in your Style'?
Send in your photos (high quality if possible and full length) with your name, age, where you're from, if you have a blog/youtube etc, where all your clothes/accessories are from and anything you would like to say e.g. a description of what fashion means to you, how you would describe your style, your favourite places to shop, why you chose that outfit, anything you like! EMAIL ME AT: rhiannon_ashlee@hotmail.co.uk
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13 March, 2013

Get Ready With Me • Mother's Day Edition

Last Sunday was Mother's Day for those of us in England, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to film a Get Ready With Me video considering I've not filmed one in almost two years; I also wanted to show you what I bought my Mum and throw in a couple of old school photos of my Mum and I whilst I'm at it.

my mumma and I many years ago
I can never get over how young my Mum looks in these photos, even though she is now forty-one and looks amazing, I can't help but think she looks like my big sister in these photos above! 

My Mum is one of those 'what do you buy someone who has everything?' kind of people, as well as being very picky, therefore I decided to go for a more thoughtful gift as I know she'd really appreciate it. I travelled all the way up to London to collect some mini cupcakes in a variety of flavours from Lola's in Mayfair that I had ordered a couple days in advance which I knew my mum would love and as an extra little gesture I bought some gorgeous red and yellow roses. After buying my new laptop (view post) I've been left pretty skint for the rest of the month, so even though I couldn't afford loads, my Mum loved her gifts because of the effort I had put in, so it goes to prove, it really is the thought that counts!

WHAT I AM WEARING (first outfit): Top: Topshop (buy similar) // Nail Polish: L Esprit by American Apparel (buy here)
WHAT I AM WEARING (second outfit): Top: Topshop (buy here) // Jeans: Topshop (buy similar) // Boots: Topshop (buy here) // Nail Polish: Classy by Revlon (buy here)

Let me know what you got your Mumma for Mother's Day and did you do anything exciting?
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10 March, 2013

Week in Photos No.45

love my new chalk board from urban outfitters // my new laptop came // skinny jeans (buy here) and white tee (buy here) from topshop with some comfy converse (buy here)
traditional tuesday drinks // with one of my best buds tom (twitter/youtube) // new laptop case from asos (buy here)
off to starbucks to get back on top of blogging // editing using my new laptop // obviously I have too much time on my hands
natural yogurt with homemade granola, banana and dark chocolate chips // new tartan scarf // tom getting ready to perform
super curly hair day // picked up some mini cupcakes from lolas for mothers day // flowers for my mumma
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09 March, 2013

MacBook Pro & Laptop Case • New Purchase

After frustratingly going through three PC laptops in the past five years I bit the bullet and started to save for a MacBook Pro and thank god, because my laptop died on me the other week (surprise, surprise) so I am excited to introduce my newest edition to my Apple family (my bedroom now looks like an Apple museum with items dating back to the first iPod Nano). Yes, they are very pricey, but you can't deny that they last longer (my step dad has had his for seven years) and are just so damn sexy, therefore in my opinion they're worth (almost) every penny - plus I am either on my laptop or iMac most hours of the day and need a laptop with good editing software for when I travel and if you haven't already guessed, I am a bit of a gadget geek!

I wanted to post about my latest investment because one, I am very excited (when it came I did a little dance before I even opened it) but two, I bought this with my own money and there is something about that which makes me feel proud. For all those asking it is the 13" MacBook Pro 2.5GHz (buy here).

asos: sandqvist sinclair 13" laptop case, £45 (buy here)

I also wanted to show you lovely lot my new laptop case that I purchased from asos (buy here) to go along with my new laptop so I can travel with it in style. The case is a bit dear and I admit, I did feel guilty spending £45 on a laptop case but as soon as I got my hands on it I realised why I paid £45 because it is beautifully made and such high quality - sometimes you have to put things into perspective and realise £45 is maybe a couple of nights out which you see nothing for apart from a hangover, but £45 on a laptop case is going to come in handy for years (or maybe that's just me trying to justify my overprized purchases).

If you don't fancy spending as much then check out this studded laptop case from asos here or this scarf print laptop case also from asos here.
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08 March, 2013

February Favourites • 2013

It's a bit on the late side but here is my monthly favourites video where I let you guys in on everything I had been loving last month from television programmes to makeup, from clothing to events, enjoy!

WHAT I AM WEARING: Top: Topshop (buy here) // Beanie: Topman (buy similar) // Nail Polish: Classy by Revlon (buy here)

PRODUCTS MENTIONED & LINKS: Jumper from sheinside.com (buy here) // Journel from WHSmith // Polka dot file from Paperchase (buy here) // Polka dot stationary box from Paperchase (buy here) // Himalayan Blue body lotion from Crabtree & Evelyne (buy here) // Revlon nail polish in Classy (buy here) // MAC lipstick in Lady Danger (buy here) // Birdcage shelf from Urban Outfitters (buy here) // Marks & Spencer room mist in Soft Linen // Kringle candle in Pumpkin Latte

What were you being lovin' last month?
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