31 May, 2013

Insta-Model • Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model Competition

Hello girls (and boys), I have a rather exciting and different competition to inform you about and it involves two of my favourites things, Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model and Instagram *squeals*. Danni Minogue has launched Insta-Model, which is a competition to find undiscovered beauties across the nation on Instagram and Twitter. Danni and fellow BINTM judge Elle Macpherson will each set a unique photo challenge, the finalists will go head to head with the public voting via twitter. The winner will be featured during the closing credits of the series premiere of Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model on June 20th and rewarded with a VIP trip to London!

26 May, 2013

Week in Photos No.55

The past week has flown by, which is unusual as not much has happened. I didn't post anything on Instagram for around four days which for an insta-addict like myself is a huge deal, and when I realised I felt slightly anxious.. first world problems aye!

25 May, 2013

Fash 'N' Grab Vlogger Challenge with Fashtag • Part Two

So, here it is, part two of the Fash 'N' Grab Vlogger Challenge and if you're yet to watch part one and wondering what on earth I'm talking about, then click here to catch up. I had such a fun time filming this video with presenter Lewis and vloggers Sian from SianShutterBug and Amy from TheCameraLiesBeauty, so I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we all enjoyed making it!

23 May, 2013

Fash 'N' Grab Vlogger Challenge with Fashtag • Part One

If you had read my Week in Photos No.52 (read post) then you would have noticed I was in the Fashtag studio a few weeks ago, hanging out with some fellow vloggers as well as filming a couple of bits and bobs. Part one of our video is finally here which means I can now let you in on what we got up to on the day. I hope you enjoy the video and I shall keep you updated with part two!

22 May, 2013

Send in your Style No.12

This month we have three gorgeous girlies from every corner of the world showing us their amazing sense of style; they all have an uber cool vibe with their own little edge, whether that be grungy, biker or eclectic. I've been publishing these posts for around a year now and I am still amazed at how awesome and fashionable each one of my readers are - I get total clothes envy when flicking through your applications!

21 May, 2013

May Empties: Products I've Used Up • 2013

I filmed my last empties video back in November '12 (I can't believe it was that long ago) and as you can imagine I have used up a lot of products since then which only calls for one thing.. another empties video of course. My last empties video focused more on haircare and toiletries, whereas this video seems to be more beauty orientated and this time I've thrown in a few homeware products as well!

20 May, 2013

Monochrome Wedges at ASOS • Pick of the Week

asos: pia wedges, £55 (buy here)
Along with every other woman on earth, I adore shoes of any form, but I tend to have more of a soft spot for heels which is odd because I rarely can be bothered to wear them, despite the fact I own over a dozen pairs and can walk in the highest of heels perfectly fine; you could say they are going to waste but  don't you worry, they are in a very loving home. This week I've tried to steer away from my usual pick of the week choices with these monochrome wedges from ASOS (buy here) and although I fear these could be quite dangerous to walk in, aren't they just fabulous?!

19 May, 2013

Week in Photos No.54

Can you believe it? I have hit a years worth of Week in Photo's posts! The past week has seemed a little dull due to the jam packed last coupe of weeks, but it's been good nonetheless. On Wednesday I went to the gym for a Zumba class in the morning followed by a trip up to London to view the New Look AW13 collections (view post) and then I did a spot of shopping in American Apparel as I had a top to exchange, so it was a very busy but productive day. I've been a member of La Fitness for a just over a week now, I have already been to a few classes (legs, bums & tums, water aerobics and zumba) and been to the gym a couple of times - so far I'm lovin' it!

17 May, 2013

Polka Dots & Cream • Outfit Snippets

1. primark: cream jumper (buy similar)     2. american apparel: nail lacquer in l esprit (buy here)    
3. topshop: cut out boots (buy similar)     4. topshop: polka dot jeans (buy similar)
After having an amazing weekend of sunny weather a couple of weeks back, it's become rainy and cold again which is why I opted for the jumper, skinny jeans and boots combo because you can't go wrong with that. These polka dot jeans from Topshop are one of my favourite pair of skinny jeans (and they have a lot of other pairs to compete with) because not only are they just so darn cute, but they add a point of interest to an otherwise simple outfit.

16 May, 2013

New Look AW13 Preview

I was kindly invited to the New Look AW13 Press Event that look place in London yesterday and I have to say I was very impressed, not just with the clothing but with the overall event. There were tons of adorable bobble hats, textured knits, ankle boots and boyfriend style jackets which are right up my alley, along with monochrome collections with bursts of cobalt blue and red; bold prints including leopard and geometric; details such as studs, spikes and faux fur. In my eyes, New Look have really turned a leaf within the past year and I'm lovin' a lot of their design. I hope you don't mind the mass of photographs and you enjoy the video I made to go alongside this post!

13 May, 2013


My obsession over smock dresses seems to have escalated this year and a recent order I made from ASOS is living proof of this - the other week I couldn't help but do a spot of online shopping and I had subconsciously picked out ALL smock dresses. I posted a sneaky preview photo on Instagram of my order which resulted in a ton of you asking for an ASOS haul, so guess what? here is the haul video so many of you were asking for!

12 May, 2013

Week in Photos No.53

I had such an awesome week and it was mainly because I saw Douglas for a long weekend and again the following weekend  - I haven't seen him that much since the Christmas holidays. On Friday 3rd he called me to say he had the next four days off work and would I like to come visit, so obviously I grabbed that opportunity. I got to have a look around his new work (where he lives as it's a outdoor centre) and we pretty much had the place to ourselves, therefore that combined with doing food shopping together and snuggling up watching The Voice, gave us an inkling as to what it is going to be like living together in the future - we both loved it!

08 May, 2013

April Favourites • 2013

I can't believe we are officially into the month of May and you know what that means don't you, it's time for my April Favourites. Here in the South East we are finally starting to see some consistant weather which seems to be sticking in double figures (touch wood) and I've had my fair share of laughs. Unlike last month where I couldn't think of many things I was lovin' at that time, this month I have loads of items I've been taking note of so that I remember to feature them in the video. Enjoy!

05 May, 2013

Week in Photos No.52

I have had another fun packed week, including a couple of last minute plans that turned out to be the cherry on top of an already good week. I visited the new Fashtag studio in Carnaby Street at Kingly Court and I have a fab time catching up with fellow bloggers as well as meeting some other bloggers/vloggers for the first time. We drunk diet coke, ate delicious cupcakes made especially for Fashtag and filmed a couple of bits and bobs for their YouTube channel but I can't say too much until the video is live; on top of that, we all got a bag full of goodies and were allowed to keep the clothing we used during the videos!

01 May, 2013

Company Blogger Awards • I've Been Shortlisted!

It's been just over a week since I found out I was shortlisted under 'Best Fashion Blog' in the Company Blogger Awards - I found out on my way back from visiting Douglas a couple weekends back, whilst I was at London Bridge Station and I had to stop myself from screaming. FashionRocksMySocks will be 3 years old this October on YouTube but fashionrocksmysocks.com was established only a year ago and I can't believe how much it's grown in so little time. I remember this time last year thinking how amazing it would be to be nominated for an award and I was super jealous flicking through all the awesome photos from the award ceremony; I thought to myself that 'I WILL make it to the Company Blogger Awards at some point, even if it's in ten years time' and lo and behold I've already been shortlisted.

Thank you so much to everyone who nominated me and it would mean the world if you voted for me to win here under 'Best Fashion Blog' or if you would prefer to vote for someone else to win, then it would be amazing even if you put me down as your 'highly commended shortlister' in my category - voting closes on May 4th! Company magazine is my all time favourite magazine (I buy it monthly and have a subscription to their weekly edit) so being shortlisted in an event held by them just makes this so much more exciting!
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