29 September, 2013

Week in Photos No.68

I started off the week going to the zoo with Douglas (read post) which was so much fun, obviously and the rest of the week was spent visiting friends and seeing family I hadn't seen in a long time. On Saturday, we drove down to Brighton to see our friends Marzia and Felix, where we ate at an Italian restaurant and went bowling; I was so close to winning for the first time in my life, but then Felix beat me by two points. On Sunday, Douglas drove my Dad and I down to Bognor Regis where my Uncle was getting married and it was lovely seeing the family and introducing them to Doug!

26 September, 2013

Lush Haul • September 2013

I made a fairly expensive visit to Lush for the very first time last month and have been in love with their products and values since. As you may remember I filmed a Lush haul for you all which went down really well, so from now on I thought I would continue to film them. I 'accidentally' went into Lush (the one in London Waterloo Station) the other week which resulted in me buying enough to show you lovely bunch in a video, so here it is!

23 September, 2013

Day at the Zoo

So, how do two adults with the day off and some money to spare decide to spend their time? Go for coffee? Read a book? maybe even go to the pub? Well, no, not Douglas and I. Last week we thought it would be fun to visit Drusillas Zoo in East Sussex, where we spent the day feeling like kids again, eating pick 'n' mix, messing around in the playground and of course, looking at the adorable animals. I thought I'd bring you along with us, so here are some photographs and a video from our outing!

21 September, 2013

Send in your Style No.16

This months instalment of send in your style features three ways to stay chic whilst dressing casual and how you don't have to spend a fortune on looking fabulous!

18 September, 2013

July & August Favourites • 2013

The months seem to be flying by and the other day I realised I only have three more paydays before Christmas, where has this year gone? In my daze, I ended up forgetting to film my July favourites, therefore here are both my July and August favourites in one!

15 September, 2013

Week in Photos No.67

This week has been so busy, but a good kind of busy. I spent most of the week filming and editing videos in anticipation of being away for the next two to three weeks in Ely, Cambridgeshire with Douglas and the latter half of the week spent stressing over London Fashion Week as I'd never been before, had no idea what to expect and I didn't think I was going until a couple days before it all began so you can imagine the all-nighters I had to pull. Although stressful, I've been feeling really happy the past couple of weeks, maybe my little project of turning my attic into a workspace cheered me up or maybe my anxiety has decided to give me a break, who knows, but one thing's for sure, the weather sure as hell hasn't been the thing to put a spring in my step - let's just say, that autumn is officially here!

14 September, 2013

London Fashion Week SS14 • Day One

I attended my first ever London Fashion Week this season but I was only able to go for one day because I honestly didn't think I would receive anyway catwalk invites, so I booked myself up for the week, leaving myself thinking "oh, crap" when I was accepted as a British Fashion Council Accredited Blogger alongside several invitations to various catwalks. It really wasn't as intimidating as I thought it would be and now I know all the ropes, it will make next season a lot easier. I have my fingers crossed that I get accepted again for next season as I'll make sure I can go for the full five days, but for now, here are some photographs I snapped up!

13 September, 2013

Outfit of the Day • 10.09.13

I popped to London yesterday to attend a couple of events and I may have been lured into a few shops on the way but com'on, you can't expect a girl who loves to spend her every last penny on clothing to go to two events both along Oxford Street and not be the slightest bit tempted to shop. Back on subject though, I thought you would like to see how I pieced my outfit together. All of a sudden it has gotten rather chilly so in this video you'll see how I made my favourite summer dress more Autumn appropriate which makes me feel a tiny bit better for giving American Apparel so much for it!

08 September, 2013

Week in Photos No.66

I have spent a huge chunk of the week converting the attic room into an office, it's been hard work but it's pretty much done and I love so much. I finally have an area where I can work without any distractions and separate my work from the rest of the house i.e. my bedroom and living room where I should just be relaxing, not spending all day, everyday in. I have a few extra bits coming from Ikea at the end of the month, so once they're here and my office is completely finished I shall show you all. Also, Autumn is finally (said through gritted teeth) here which is bonkers because this time last week it was over thirty degrees celsius and within a day the temperature has halved, but I can't say I'm surprised, this is England after-all. I shan't lie, I am getting excited for pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks; wearing lots of layers; snuggling up in front of log fires and generally getting into the festive spirit!

06 September, 2013

ASOS Haul • September 2013 (Dresses & Accessories)

Payday arrived and as usual I found myself browsing page after page on ASOS which resulted in a decent sized chunk coming out of my bank account. Hauls are one of my most requested videos which gives me an excuse to shop (can't say my friends and family are fooled though) and it means I can at least get something out of my shopping obsession, in the form of entertaining my lovely viewers. So without further ado, here's my dresses and accessories ASOS haul!

05 September, 2013

V Festival Style through Instagram #RevlonFestivalBeauty

You may know that I went to V Festival last month, where I was scouting out the best fashion and beauty looks on behalf of Revlon which I posted on my Instagram, but if you don't follow me on there, here are all twelve of the looks I snapped whilst at V. I had major clothes envy the whole weekend!