26 March, 2014

My eBay Collections

I have been an avid user of eBay for years whether I'm looking for a bargain or something in particular, I can always count on eBay to come to the rescue, as long as I have the time to scroll through page after page of items. So, when they approached me to be an eBay Influencer, of course I accepted.

eBay have very recently launched eBay Collections, an exciting new tool to enhance your online shopping experience. Influential curators from the world of fashion, lifestyle, electronics and motors have assembled personal collections of things they love on eBay. I have created 12 collections of my own using the same fashion and lifestyle influences you see throughout my blog and if you'd like to have a little look, then they can be viewed here

Out of my own collections, I would have to say my favourite are: My Brown Eyed Girl, Teenage Dirtbag and Oh, Alexa!

My Brown Eyed Girl Collection (view here) • Teenage Dirtbag Collection (view here) • Oh, Alexa! Collection (view here)

A great element to eBay Collections is that if you really like specific users, you can hit the 'follow' button and keep up to date with their collections. Anyone can created their own collection and the idea is that you create them based on a theme e.g. pretty in pink and when you find items suitable for the collection you simply click on 'add to collection' under the 'bid' or 'buy now' buttons and hey presto, you have started your very own collection.

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sponsored post: I am working in collaboration with eBay but all thoughts and creative input are my own. full disclaimer.


  1. AWESOME ! i am an ebay user too , you can fine great deals for awesome items .
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  2. This is such a great idea, so glad ebay have launched it! Love your collections x

    Lauren Evie

  3. love ebay! x

  4. I'm on ebay almost everyday haha, I love it! x

  5. This is really cool! Ebay is definitely my favourite online store there is so I'm actually pretty excited about the collections thing. Gonna be checking it out tomorrow on payday ;) haha

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog