24 June, 2014

Current Jewellery Storage + Pieces

Recently I have been getting back into wearing jewellery, alongside my staple jewellery pieces: a gold coin necklace and Daniel Wellington watch (buy here). As a teen I gathered a huge amount of jewellery, most of it cheap and had a habit of turning my neck and fingers green, so last year I had a massive clear out. Now in my twenties, I have learn that quality is fair better than quantity, so I don't have a ton of jewellery, but I have what I need. A month back I invested in some lovely little pieces to store my jewellery in, which I keep scattered around my bedroom. So, I thought I'd briefly show you what I bought as well as give you a glimpse at some of the pieces they hold.

all earrings from accessorize • chocker* (buy here) and turquoise ring* (buy here) from lost at sea
Both the silver plate and adorable trinket pot (in the first photograph) are from a website I discovered a little while back called Waiste. I could honestly buy everything from there and it's not too expensive either. The only downside to the pieces being vintage/one-off is that the items I purchased are no longer available but if you're into the whole eclectic vibe, then definitely still have a look through the site as there are some treasures to be found.

I had thrown out all of my rings last year (any that I didn't are still at my old house) so at the moment I only have this turquoise ring from Lost at Sea. Again, a website I have only just discovered who sell some lovely pieces for a reasonable price. The next item (also from Lost at Sea) brings me back to my childhood and it's something that's become hugely popular again. The stretchy tattoo style chocker. I swear I had one in every colour when I was around ten years old and not just in chocker form, oh no, I had them for my ankle, wrist and even fingers. I couldn't resist getting one for old times sake.

These aren't all the pieces of jewellery I own, but I'm sure the get the idea. The gold coin necklace you see in the first photo is my most cherished piece (along with another necklace from my mumma) and the piece I get asked about the most. It was a gift for my 21st birthday from my boyfriend, Douglas, who bought it from a store called Claybrooks but honestly, coin necklaces can be found in most jewellers.

I'd love to hear what your staple jewellery pieces are and you store yours? 

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  1. Gorgeous things!!


  2. I have the same problem, everything becomes green really quickly :/


  3. i love your blog♥ ♥
    and your daily vlogs are amazing :D


  4. Gorgeous statement rings <3

    Margareta Vania
    Fashion Beauty Blogger

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  5. Gorgeous jewellery! That little turquoise ring is so cute! I like to store my jewellery in a similar way to this, I also like keeping bits in vintage tins!


  6. I desperately need to have a clear out of my jewelry too! Also, I love that little round box in the first photo, so cute! :)


  7. I found a couple of small glass bowls at Goodwill once and I use those to store all my earrings, rings, and bracelets now. It's definitely a struggle finding matching earring pairs in the morning but that's all part of the fun of getting dressed, right?
    I love the site where you found all the plate, I'll probably be getting something from them soon (:

    not haute

  8. Great post :)


  9. In my teens I had such a ridiculous amount of cheap jewelry too so now my collection is quite minuscule by comparison. I think it's a lesson all teens with a part time job have to learn the hard way, haha! Would love to see you style the choker necklace in one of your videos :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

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  11. Love the trinket pot! Makes it look so much cuter than just the pieces scattered! :)

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  12. Love the turquoise ring!! And your new blog layout is so beautiful !! :))

  13. I love your gold coin necklace! And your new blog banner is gorgeous. I love it!


  14. Well, I think these are really some beautiful storage pieces to keep jewelery and accessories and every women love to have such beautiful storage units to keep jeweleries and other accessories.

  15. Love your accessories !

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  17. I don't wear much jewelry, but I love just about every piece you posted! My favorites are the hand-stamped ring, the & necklace.. and if I were a mom, I would absolutely want the necklace with my kids' handwriting.

    Diamond Neckless