02 June, 2014


I've seen the most recent #MyRingsMyStyle Pandora Campaign floating around the net a few times recently so I happily accepted the invite to go to the launch party. I was expecting it to be like previous events with Pandora where you chill out with fellow bloggers, enjoy the tasty nibbles and free drink but it was far from it. The paparazzi were outside in full force waiting for the array of celebrities who turned up (naturally looking disappointed when I walked in.. so awkward) and both floors of the flagship store on Oxford Street were rammed.

I spent the whole night feeling incredibly awkward as there were no bloggers I knew to be found and to make matters worse, Gemma Arterton came to sit right next to me when I realise she had sat on my skirt. Most people would say excuse me, you're sitting on my skirt but no, not me. I desperately needed the loo but didn't go because I didn't want to interrupt her, so just let her continue to sit on me. Thought you may enjoy that little anecdote. Anyway, it was still a lovely evening so enjoy the photographs I managed to snap.

I either wear a ton of jewellery or nothing at all, and at the moment I'm in that 'I don't wearing anything stage' but I'd happily wear a lot of the rings from Pandora. I love how you can stack them up and really make them your own.

I have to say, Pandora alway score highly when it comes to the nibbles and drinks at their parties. Everything is ever so pretty and yes, I enjoyed a cocktail or four.

The evening was hosted by Rick Edwards and Jameela Jamil (who was looking beautiful as always).

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  1. lovely pictures! omg, i don't even know what i would do in that situation haha, probably the same as you. you're so lucky to go to these amazing events :)

  2. I love the daisy style ones. So pretty.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. Hey Rhiannon! I've been watching you for like two years now, and every month i like you more :) In my mind you are so nice with letting us know about such small details like this girl sitting on your dress which makes you real and "avaible" while still being lovely! Even if someone had such situation, not many people would be just honest about it!
    I feel as you very often, i'm quite shy and sometimes such moments can pretty much destroy my time. I hope you had good evening anyways!

  4. Looked like it was such a good event, lovely pictures - the rings all look so gorgeous! I would have done the same in that situation, so awkward!x


  5. The event sounds crazy, but also amazing! I love Pandora, and I would absolutely love a ring from there as they're absolutely gorgeous. I would've done exactly the same in your situation and felt so awkward with no other bloggers or people I knew there though! I always think if I ever met a celebrity properly I would be the most embarrassed, awkward and uncomfortable person ever... so it's probably a good thing I've never met anyone famous. But at least it's a funny story to tell!

    Imogen // imogenscribbles

  6. looks like great fun! x

  7. New follower here! I discovered your channel thanks to the Bean Boozled challenge not too long ago, and I'm addicted to both of your channels now hahaha! Also I'm in love with your hair~~~ and your style, of course, your clothes are amazing.
    Btw, I'm keeping an eye on your depop in case theres something I want to buy, the problem is that the app is not compatible with my mobile (I'm trying to make my boyfriend install it on his tablet hahaha)... How do I contact you? Through the email you have in here?

    The event really looks awesome, and the rings are pure love. The anecdote its actually pretty funny, but I think most of us would have reacted just like you, so don't worry about it hahaha.

  8. I'm always like your photos and this time I love them all! ^.^




  9. oh dear, the dress thing sounds like something that'd happen to me! Other than that, glad you had fun! The snacks look gorgeous xx

  10. What a wonderful event! The jewellery looks gorgeous! x

  11. These are all so beautiful wow! It looks so elegant!

    Kimmiberry xo

  12. I would probably do exactly the same :/ Major girl crush on Gemma Arterton! x

  13. Looks like a lovely event, hope you enjoyed

    Sarah x

  14. Oh Rhiannon, how well I understand you! I've said NO to many events just because I was afraid that I might not know anyone and I will fell awkward! The latest one was the TopShop one you were at too and now I wish I went there! :-( btw love your june vlogs!