01 June, 2014

Week in Photos No.79

Goodbye May, you were really good to me but now it's time to welcome June with open arms. I have lots of exciting things planned for this month so I'm hoping it's going to be another gooden. We had some gloriously sunny weather last weekend so before it quickly disappeared Douglas and I enjoyed a picnic in the park which you can read about here and the rest of the week was a mixture of working and catching up with friends who are back from university. I almost forgot to mention that during this month, I'm going to be vlogging every single day over on my second YouTube channel - RhiannonAshleeExtra.

picnic in the park • hair was cut a little shorter than anticipated • dress from romwe (buy here)
weekend finds/mini haul (read here) • john lewis photoshoot (read here) • who said salads had to be boring?
love my new earrings from accessorize • this is as exciting as my friday night got.. take out wagamamas for
one • casual days - topshop jeans (buy here) and bag (buy here)

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  1. wonderful pictures as always! i'm loving all the monochrome checks and stripes, and that salad looks DELICIOUS xo

  2. All of your photos of this month are so pretty! Your outfit photos from the third photo were gorgeous! I have done a similar post of my month in photos if you wanted to have a peek :)


  3. So lovely! Your hair looks absolutely stunning that short! Did it frighten you when you had it cut off at first?

    Kimmiberry xo

  4. So glad you are going to be vlogging every day of June, I love your vlogs, they make me happy! and glad you had a great month! I enjoyed it too!


  5. great photos x

  6. Your hair is so pretty :)


    Amy x

  7. The food looks delicious! <3


  8. Love your blog! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? xoxo