18 July, 2014


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at my Instagram and notice I love flowers, so when Appleyard London kindly asked if they could send me a bouquet of my choice, of course I couldn't turn an offer like that down. I have both successfully bought and received flowers online in the past which is why I wanted to do a little write up, not only to show you the beautiful flowers I now proudly have in my living room but to let you know that buying flowers online is convenient and easy (ok, this is starting to sound like a sponsored post but I promise I've not been paid to say any of this).

I decided to go for the Purity Bouquet from the Shabby Chic category as they're very in-keeping with my general decor. They make a statement but are still subtle in colour so it's not too much as my flat isn't very big. Appleyard offer UK Nationwide Next Day Delivery as well as being able to nominate the day your flowers arrive so mine came super speedy. It can be a bit hit and miss when ordering flowers online because some companies don't package them well enough but I have no complaints with Appleyard and without sounding like I'm kissing butt, their packaging has to be the best yet. There was no way my bouquet was going to get ruined in the post and they arrived in pristine condition.
Last summer I was visiting my boyfriend up in Cambridgeshire (when Douglas and I were still long distance), the same week that my Mum's Birthday fell on but thanks to online flower shopping, I managed to get a bouquet of flowers to her doorstep with a personal message on her special day even when I was 100+ miles away. Plus I don't have a car, so getting around with a big bunch of flowers isn't always convenient. Last week I found myself in torrential rain with no umbrella, just a blazer to keep myself and some flowers 'dry' whilst I ran to my Mum's for her Birthday this year. Yes, I ended up soaked head to toe but the flowers luckily survived.
My favourite flowers in the bouquet are the ammi's and bouvardia's, they're just so sweet and delicate. If you have any special occassions coming up or just fancy treating yourself, then you can use the discount code: GIFT33 so you don't have to pay full price. Another reason why I wanted to do this post as I know many of you are always thankful for a discount code!
 What type of bouquet would you pick? Similar? Or something with more colour?
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  1. They look gorgeous! I've ordered flowers online before but my experience wasn't so pleasant as they arrived late :/ X

  2. really nice choice!
    xx Anita

  3. They look so pretty! i definitely would have chosen similar x

  4. Aww these are so lovely! I know what you mean about the packaging!
    To be honest, I usually go for colour but these just look so neat and clean, if that even makes sense haha!
    The Life of Maisie xx

  5. they look amazing!


  6. they are gorgeous! x