Saturday, 19 July 2014


Since becoming completely independent (by that I mean paying for rent, bills etc all by myself but I've had a job and paid for everything myself since the age of 15) I've had to tighten the purse strings which means it's been a long time since I went out to buy a load of things at once. I tend to collect things over a period of months now and here are some homeware bits I've gathered recently.

wearing: playsuit from urban outfitters (buy similar)

  Where are your favourites places to shop for homeware? I'm always looking for new inspiration!


  1. Those bowls and dishes are BEAUTIFUL!
    Really makes me want to move out and buy all my own homeware and furniture haha!:')
    Love your blog!xx

  2. You're definitely my favourite blogger, I just can't get enough

  3. Love those dishes! And ahh the thought of living on my own is kind of frightening, being that i'm going to be doing that starting this fall for college. I should be a little more like you and learn how to tighten the purse strings though!

  4. love this haul rhiannon! you found some lovely pieces x

    from Holly │Flower Crowns and Daisy Chains

  5. Everything is so lovely! I can't be left alone at any homeware store, I would buy almost everything XD

    My Blog: Blueberry segmentS
    My Youtube Channel: Blueberry segmentS

  6. TKMaxx have such nice stuff in at the minute! x

  7. You're the reason I decided to start blogging I looove your content. You post about things I actually want to read about and not just what everyone else is posting about and I absolutely love that.
    For anyone that likes to read about that kind of thing, have a read of my blog x

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