27 January, 2014

#RetroTalks at Beyond Retro

The other week I went along to a small industry talk (#RetroTalks) at Beyond Retro in Brick Lane, London. I was super happy to be invited as not only are Beyond Retro one of my favourite vintage shops, but it was the first event of the year and I'm ready to get back to work. #RetroTalks was held by three influential guests within the fashion industry; Holly McGlynn (Published Photographer), Naomi Rowland (Blogger) and Holly Ounstead (Celebrity Stylist). 

13 January, 2014

Fleece Lined Dr. Martens

fleece lined dr. martens* (buy here)
Say hello to my new fleece lined Dr. Martens, aren't they lovely!?

I was so close to buying a pair of burgundy coloured, fleece lined Dr. Martens the other week, until I was contacted by Mr. Shoes, offering me a pair of shoes of my choice, and of course I snapped up these beauties. On Mr. Shoes they have them in dark brown and black. I opted for the black as they go with more. Now before you think 'she's only writing this post because they were free' well stop right there. I've not been asked to hype these up, nor write anything about them, but I love them so darn much, I just had to write a little something on them and answer a few questions I've been getting about them.

12 January, 2014

Week in Photos No.73

Happy Sunday everyone!

This has to be the shortest Week in Photos post I've every done, although some would say six Instagram photos within a week is still quite a lot. I like to try my best to do these roundups weekly (every Sunday) to keep you up-to-date with my personal life, new purchases and all that jazz, for anyone who's actually interested, therefore I thought I'd just do a little update. This week, along with most, I have been battling with post Christmas blues and trying my best to get back on track with everything. Safe to say I'm slowly getting there. Things are still pretty quiet in the blogosphere but I'm finally jotting down events and work in my calendar, making the next month nicely busy and I can't wait to be back to the usual 'London every other day' thing.

11 January, 2014

Mandala Blue Mini Skirt • Styling Saturday

1. ASOS: Crop Top with Turtle Neck and Long Sleeves, £12 (buy here)   2. Motel: Annie A Line Mini Skirt, £28 (buy here)
3. New Look: Drawstring Backpack, £7 (buy here)   3. Essie: Nail Polish in Blanc, £6 (buy here)
5. Topshop: Adder Double Buckle Monk Boots, £78 (buy here)
I've had my eyes on this beautiful mini skirt from Motel since before Christmas, and recently I gave in to buying it. I love this design so much, that I have just ordered the Penny Dress from Motel (buy here) in the same pattern. As much as I love skater skirts, I mean, who doesn't? They suit every shape, hide your food baby and are fun the twirl around in (or am I the only one who does that?). It's nice to sport a different silhouette - a sophisticated, yet playful 60s look and that's exactly what you get with this Motel Skirt. Also available in pink (buy here).

10 January, 2014

Send in your Style No.17

Welcome to the first Send in your Style of 2014!

If I'm honest I've never deemed myself popular or 'cool' so I can't believe anyone would want to be featured on MY blog, yet I'm amazed at the amount of entries I have received since I begun this section on here; it puts a huge smile on my face. Thank you. Enough about me though, have a look at these three stylish bloggers that I've chosen for this months Send in your Style.

07 January, 2014

Fluffy Swing Coat at Topshop • Pick of the Week

topshop: fluffy swing coat, £89 (buy here)
Most days I fling anything on, but I can't be the only person who has the occasional days where I spend a fair amount of time deciding what to wear, to then be disappointed at the fact it's Winter and I have to cover up my carefully crafted outfit; disheartening right? Well, for yet another season Topshop have come out with an amazing range of gorgeous coats which keep you both warm, yet stylish. This pastel pink number has to be one of my favourites, along with this one and this one. Who said we can't be colourful during these miserably cold, wet months?

02 January, 2014

Style Snippets of 2013

How has it already been a year since I posted my Style Snippets of 2012? So, yes, you guessed it, here are my Style Snippets of 2013, where I put together most of my Instagram photos that have featured a snippet of my style over the past year. It's crazy to see how much my style has developed within a year, which I'm probably going to be saying year after year, but I feel my taste is becoming more classic alongside my usual favourites; tartan, ankle boots, leather jackets and smock dresses.

Warning: there are a fair amount of images below, hope you don't mind!

01 January, 2014

Happy New Year • My Resolutions for 2014

First things first, Happy New Year girls and guys!

I'm going to say what everyone else does but 2013 really did fly by. So many amazing things happened; experienced my first ever festival courtesy of Revlon (read post) and Holi Festival of Colours (watch video) which was bloody brilliant; I had my first couples holiday to Barcelona; breakfast at The Ritz; I became winner of Best Fashion Blog at the Company Blogger Awards and nominated under Best Vlogger at the Cosmopolitan Awards; moved in with my partner; went to London Fashion Week for the first time and made some amazing new friends through YouTube, just to name a handful of events.