24 June, 2014

Current Jewellery Storage + Pieces

Recently I have been getting back into wearing jewellery, alongside my staple jewellery pieces: a gold coin necklace and Daniel Wellington watch (buy here). As a teen I gathered a huge amount of jewellery, most of it cheap and had a habit of turning my neck and fingers green, so last year I had a massive clear out. Now in my twenties, I have learn that quality is fair better than quantity, so I don't have a ton of jewellery, but I have what I need. A month back I invested in some lovely little pieces to store my jewellery in, which I keep scattered around my bedroom. So, I thought I'd briefly show you what I bought as well as give you a glimpse at some of the pieces they hold.

22 June, 2014

Week in Photos No.80

I have noticed that I've become a lot pickier over which photos I post on Instagram resulting in less posts per week, so really, these week in photos updates are more like fortnightly updates, hope no one minds. Anyway, the month kicked off with an evening spent with Douglas watching our ultimate favourite, Paolo Nutini in the Brighton Centre and golly gosh, he sounds even better live. It was such a lovely night. Come to think about it, we've had a few nice days together recently but apart from that, it's been the same old thing with me - editing, vlogging and coffee shop hopping.

vanilla porridge topped with frozen raspberries and golden syrup • waiting to watch paolo nutini in brighton
• the man himself - the super talented and gorgeous paolo nutini (watch vlog)
I have so much time for pret soup • excited to finally try tiny tea from your tea • got to love summer
delicious lunch in the sunshine • call me biased but I love my town • lovely weekend with the boyfriend

How is your month going so far?

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13 June, 2014

May Favourites • 2014 (VIDEO)

I had so many things to talk about in my most recent favourites video - from my holy grail hair curlers to my new found love of earrings, hopefully there's something that takes your fancy in the video. Enjoy!

04 June, 2014

Send in your Style No.18

outfit: skirt: charity shop • top: topshop • hat: tk maxx (buy similar) • boots: schuh • bag: modalu

Hannah from Swindon

"One day I'll be daydreaming about walking around a museum with a satchel and brogues, the next day I would love nothing more than visiting all the shops and bars of East London dressed down in ripped jeans and a leather jacket. I think this is reflected throughout my blog as the search for my perfect style continues"

BLOG: www.palomaindisguise.blogspot.co.uk

03 June, 2014

The Body Shop Haul (VIDEO)

The Body Shop is one of my favourite brands, so when they asked if they could send me some bits I was thrilled. Expecting to get two or three items, I was over the moon with the fairly big box of goodies that turned up at my doorstep. Naturally in my excitement I couldn't help film a haul video. Enjoy.

02 June, 2014


I've seen the most recent #MyRingsMyStyle Pandora Campaign floating around the net a few times recently so I happily accepted the invite to go to the launch party. I was expecting it to be like previous events with Pandora where you chill out with fellow bloggers, enjoy the tasty nibbles and free drink but it was far from it. The paparazzi were outside in full force waiting for the array of celebrities who turned up (naturally looking disappointed when I walked in.. so awkward) and both floors of the flagship store on Oxford Street were rammed.

I spent the whole night feeling incredibly awkward as there were no bloggers I knew to be found and to make matters worse, Gemma Arterton came to sit right next to me when I realise she had sat on my skirt. Most people would say excuse me, you're sitting on my skirt but no, not me. I desperately needed the loo but didn't go because I didn't want to interrupt her, so just let her continue to sit on me. Thought you may enjoy that little anecdote. Anyway, it was still a lovely evening so enjoy the photographs I managed to snap.

01 June, 2014

Week in Photos No.79

Goodbye May, you were really good to me but now it's time to welcome June with open arms. I have lots of exciting things planned for this month so I'm hoping it's going to be another gooden. We had some gloriously sunny weather last weekend so before it quickly disappeared Douglas and I enjoyed a picnic in the park which you can read about here and the rest of the week was a mixture of working and catching up with friends who are back from university. I almost forgot to mention that during this month, I'm going to be vlogging every single day over on my second YouTube channel - RhiannonAshleeExtra.

picnic in the park • hair was cut a little shorter than anticipated • dress from romwe (buy here)
weekend finds/mini haul (read here) • john lewis photoshoot (read here) • who said salads had to be boring?
love my new earrings from accessorize • this is as exciting as my friday night got.. take out wagamamas for
one • casual days - topshop jeans (buy here) and bag (buy here)

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