29 September, 2014


For those of you requesting to see more of my clothing then good news, here is a little look into my wardrobe in this closet confidential video I was tagged to do by my ever so lovely friends Jenn Im (clothesencounters) and Marzia (CutiePieMarzia). Not only do I show you my oldest to newest items, I reveal my biggest regrets and most expensive purchases.

28 September, 2014


I haven't done a week in photos post since July and as you can imagine, I have posted on Instagram a lot since then, therefore let's call this a week in photos (+ a few weeks). I'm going to miss a fair amount out so if you'd like to see all my Instagram uploads from July to now, then go have a ganders over on my account (@rhiannonashlee). Some of August going into September was slightly on the hard side for me (lets say I was battling with some personal demons) but I'm feeling happier and more positive than ever, so I guess without the bad you can't appreciate the good!
should get some more use out of my instax mini • denim dress* (buy here) and jumper dress* (buy here) from the fifth • delighted to announce that *drumroll* I got the job and I'm proud to reveal it's at lush cosmetics!

23 September, 2014


It's come to the time where empty, used up products are taking over my bathroom again and it's about time I review each item and chuck them out (apart from the Lush pots as five empty ones can be exchanged for a free fresh face mask). I went through a stage of buying new shampoo's and conditioners on a weekly basis so I've been trying hard to use them up before I purchase anymore and finally, I can say I have just one shampoo and one conditioner in my bathroom. Now I'm older I rather just have one or two of each product, rather than a whole damn store of products scattered around the bath tub. Anyway, here is my sixth empties video, hope you enjoy!

10 September, 2014


1. Topshop: Faux Leather Biker Jacket, £48 (buy here)
I adore the faux leather jacket I bought from Topshop back in early 2012 and after wearing it with pretty much every outfit since, it's safe to say it's seen better day (although still going strong). Also, my current jacket is slightly cropped, so amazing with dresses and high-waisted garments as it accentuates the waist but looks a bit naff over a jumper/tee and jeans which is why I have my eye on another faux leather jacket, very similar to my current one but longer in the body. Faux leather jackets are also amazing to layer over cardigans and underneath coats during the bitter cold, winter months.