16 September, 2015


Ages ago and I means ages ago, I was invited to a bloggers event with Gorilla Islington to learn the in's and out's of their new, volume 3 perfume range. I completely forgot I took lots of photos from the evening and instead of them going to waste, I wanted to share them with you lovely lot. If you're not familiar with Gorilla Perfume, you may recognise them from Lush, where they are sold across the world both in-store and online. Enjoy some of the photographs I took at the event as well as learning about the Volume 3 fragrances.

We sipped on vegan hot chocolate whilst nibbling vegan truffles and mini meringues. The meringues were cleverly inspired by a few of their fragrances - one including a coffee flavoured one inspired by Dear John which was delicious.

Simon Constantine (the son of Mark and Mo Constantine - co-founders of Lush) created this sweet, green perfume in homage of his father’s garden. Lush orange flower is calm rather than zesty in this perfume rich in Roman chamomile and lavender, but the resulting bouquet is stirring rather than dreamy. Wear to be reminded of long gone summer evenings in shades of gold.

Capturing Mark Constantine's father's verdant South African garden, full of light and bright colours, experience a rush of sunny lemon and juicy lime. This uplifting, tribute fragrance exudes sweet citrus with a sharp twist that lingers on the skin and in the mind. Linger under the Lemon Tree and luxuriate in the warmth of the sun on the nape of your neck.

The pure scent of lily mingles with over-ripe tones of indole to give this fragrance a pungent, narcotic headiness. Let it transport you to a serene space where the fullness of beauty and its inevitable decay can be contemplated without fear. The message is one of meditation, acceptance and optimism delivered in a glorious, floral flourish. This was one of my favourite fragrances, so don't be fooled by the name. 

A secretive scent inspired by the Swedish tale of a lost princess who waits by a lake in the forest, hoping to reclaim the golden heart necklace she lost to the depths. Walk along the lakeside where you may see the slender cottongrass plants watching over the water and you will know she is still waiting. A delicate alien floral, both sweet and distant as it blossoms on your skin.
The President's Hat
Inhale this earthy oakmoss perfume to take inspiration from the story of a hat passed between strangers. A fragrance which takes you on a journey through French cafe culture in autumnal notes all the way to a perfumer's home, rich in patchouli and vanilla.

Take a walk on the wild side and strut down streets paved in colourful vetivert and vanilla, leaving spicy clouds in your wake. A sensual rollercoaster to swoop you up in its embrace like a lover and wrap you in technicolour when the clouds draw in. Breathing in this zesty sandalwood cocktail evokes a zest for life and laughter.

Elusive and evocative, sweet violet is captured here in its dimunitive glory. Kerbside Violet is inspired by chance encounters and fleeting moments. A breath of serenity allowing you to slow down and notice the tiny revolution growing through the cracks of a concrete jungle near you.

Succumb to this rich, sensual and smokey blend of all good things. Both bitter and sweet, representing a parting of ways and celebrating new beginnings. A sweet, boozy stumble down a dark basement staircase will leave you in a blissed out cloud of candyfloss and black pepper.

The Smugglers Soul is deep, dangerous and intoxicating, join us on our journey to the roots of sandalwood and let it enrapture your heart. With two types of sandalwood oil, enjoy a warm, woody and rich fragrance that can soothe and uplift even the darkest of moods.
I'm completely in love with how unique the fragrances are from not just this volume but also the past two. They're not afraid to venture into new ideas and put their emotions and stories into each product. My top three fragrances from the volume 3 range are Dad's Garden - Lemon Tree, Death and Decay and Smugglers Soul which is great mixed with fruitier, sweet scents.

Have you tried any of these fragrances or do you have a favourite one?

Rhiannon x


  1. I haven't tried any of the Gorilla perfumes but I am always drawn to them every time I go into a lush! I reckon I will have to pick one up next time!


  2. I always wanted to try one of their Gorilla perfumes so I definitely need to finally pick up one when I go to Lush the next time!
    Patti www.shiftingtales.blogspot.com

  3. Lovely photos! The perfume is on my to try list. I'm going to need a loan next time I enter a Lush store, everything's so good. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  4. So many scents! I wouldn't be able to choose one. Love the post and photos.
    If, You would have maybe a second or two and was bored, maybe you can check my blog. That would be a privilege for me.

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