21 September, 2015


Saturday afternoon in Covent Garden, London
Douglas and I spent the afternoon in London on a mission to kit me out, ready for our Scotland road trip. We're going to be doing a bit of everything including having a few outdoorsy days - walks, camping and all that jazz. I know, if you told me a couple of years ago that I'd voluntarily be doing that, I'd have laughed in your face. Anyway, after spending a fortune on questionably 'stylish' outdoor clothing and my first pair of walking boots, we had lunch in Sesame; it was nice to eat somewhere new opposed to the usual go-to Pret or Starbucks. The weather was nice, chilly but sunny with no wind (my favourite) so we went for a wonder and it was just a lovely way to spend Saturday.

Popped into Neal's Yard and treated myself to their garden mint and bergamot hand creamwhite tea enriching facial mask and aromatic body butter • New 'pawsome' tee from ASOS • Amazing painting of me by @frenchteapot

How's your week been? I'm hoping to hear some good news on our flat as we still haven't moved! 

Rhiannon x


  1. I love that Pawsome t-shirt. I really want it, but I don't need it... I already have so many t-shirts.


  2. Love the pawsome t-shirt; it's so cute xo

    Emily | emsalice.com

  3. Can't believe you're still not moved in! Fingers crossed you hear something soon!!


  4. Love the Pawsome t-shirt. lol.

  5. Amazing painting! Someone has real talent. You look so happy on this photo! I am so happy to see you like that.

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