30 March, 2015


As part of my collaboration with Disney on their new Cinderella movie, I had a little play around to create some Cinderella inspired hairstyles that are both wearable and easy to recreate. It's been a while since I filmed any hair tutorials so I had a lot of fun especially since this was my first try since having shorter hair. Incase you're wondering, the hair curler I use is the Toni & Guy Conical Hair Wand.

29 March, 2015


Sunday morning at The Shard, London
Myself and a handful of other bloggers/vloggers (all fitness ones may I add, so I felt a bit out of my depth) were invited to participate in some early morning yoga with teacher, Amy Slevin which was then followed by a delicious plant based breakfast including Aplro's unsweetened almond milk. Although I didn't care much for the 5am start, it was so worth it, even just for the view alone.

28 March, 2015


If you've been reading my blog or watching my videos for a while, you'll have noticed my go to choice of footwear are my black brogue ankle boots from Office; to say I'm attached to them would be an understatement. It's not often I get my hands on a new pair of boots that I like almost as much as my beloved and very worn out boots, which is why I wanted to take this opportunity to film an unboxing video because I'm rather fond of my new suede shoes.

27 March, 2015


I’ve based my previous posts for Disney’s new Cinderella movie on either The Stepmother or Cinderella herself, so I thought it’d be fun to base this next one on The Stepsisters, Anastasia and Drisella - think bold prints, lots of colour and plenty of detail. I enjoy taking inspiration from an unlikely muse, it makes me think outside the box and shows that anything can be made wearable by taking one or two elements, be it colour, shape or pattern and diluting them with your own tastes and modern designs.

Cinderella is out in cinemas today - don't forget check out the Cinderella Inspired Tumblr Hub to submit your dress design for a chance to see it brought to life!
1. Embroidered Smock Dress, £68 (buy here) 2. Embroidered Scrunchie, £4 (buy here) 3. Fable Print Top, £75 (buy here) 4. Floral Heeled Sandals, £40 (buy here) 5. Duffle Cross Bag, £59 (buy here) 6. Flower Headband, £8.50 (buy here)

26 March, 2015


It may have been several years since I last step foot in school but if there is one thing I’ve carried a love for since then, it’s stationary. I think I can speak for most of us when I say there’s nothing like a crisp new notepad and a fresh set of pens to motivate you, whether it be in school, at home or in the office. Here are a few things, inspired by Cinderella, to bring you into spring and get those organisational juices flowing.

Cinderella hits cinemas on Friday - don't forget check out the Cinderella Inspired Tumblr Hub to submit your dress design for a chance to see it brought to life!
1. Weekly Planner, £10.99 (buy here)   2. Katie Leamon Pencils, £7 (buy here)   3. Notebook, £5.50 (buy here)   4. Floral Notebook, £10 (buy here)   5. Stripe Washi Tape, £3 (buy here) & Tile Print Washi Tape (buy here)


It had been far too long since my boyfriend, Douglas and I filmed a video together so once I found out my friend Gracie and her partner tagged us to do the his and hers tag we were on it.

25 March, 2015


Carrying on my Cinderella inspired content for the release of Disney's new Cinderella movie (in cinemas Friday!), I wanted to find some Cinderella-esque homeware bits (think floral, feminine and cutesy) because I probably spend more on my flat than I do clothing or makeup nowadays. These items would make a lovely addition to any bedroom or living room, just in time for summer.

Don't forget check out the Cinderella Inspired Tumblr Hub to submit your dress design for a chance to see it brought to life!
1. Butterfly Garland, £7.50 (buy here)    2. Butterfly Frame, £30 (buy here)    3. Floral Cushion, £22 (buy here)    4. Mouse Ornaments, £8.95 (buy here)    5. Duck Egg Herringbone Throw, £89 (buy here)     6. Glass Lanterns, £4 (buy here)

17 March, 2015


As someone who has suffered from dry skin for as long as I can remember, I was more than willing to work alongside E45 to bring you my top tips for keeping dryness at bay during the winter months. My mum and I always had a tub of E45 in the bathroom when I was a youngster; she'd use it for dry skin and I'd use it for the eczema I had on the backs of my knees. Recently E45 launched their new protect and repair overnight hand cream which I have reviewed alongside my skincare tips for dry skin.

16 March, 2015


It only felt right that after my first beauty wish list inspired by Cinderella, that my next one be the complete opposite, therefore influenced by her Step Mother, Lady Tremaine. It's easy to convey all bad characters through nothing but dark colours but costume designer, Sandy Powell, very cleverly put Lady Tremaine in a lot of rich colours e.g. royal greens and deep berries; adding colour but still reflecting the Step Mother's jealousy and cruel intentions.

Don't forget check out the Cinderella Inspired Tumblr Hub to submit your dress design for a chance to see it brought to life!
1. Laura Geller: Baked Eyeshadow Palette, £28 (buy here)   2. Eylure, Katy Perry: Cool Kitty Lashes (buy here)  3. Tom Ford: Black Orchid Eau De Parfum, £72 (buy here)  4. Butter London: Nail Lacquer in British Racing Queen, £10 (buy here)  5. Elizabeth Arden: Lipstick in Bold Red, £21 (buy here)

15 March, 2015


I rarely do in depth beauty posts but I couldn't resist taking some photos of this darling package that arrived at my door. Recently, I've been fading out chemical ridden products (as well as those tested on animals) and replacing them with healthier alternatives for both myself and the environment, which is why I'm delighted to try some bits from Jurlique. Most importantly they do NOT test on animals, they're organic (synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides free) and support sustainable farming. That's a big old tick in my book!

13 March, 2015


It's about time I did an updated Q&A, so I took to twitter and asked for your questions. I talk about everything from turning pescarterian, future pets and getting ink. I've also included a playlist with some of my all-time favourite songs.

09 March, 2015


I'm pleased to announce that I've teamed up with Disney to create content inspired by their upcoming film, Cinderella (released on March 27th in the UK). Disney have launched a Cinderella Tumblr Hub, where you'll be able to keep up with all things Cinderella and enter an exciting dress design competition. Check it out here.

So, moving on to my first post. Cinderella's gentle spirit and loving nature inspired me to create a pretty in pink beauty wish list, fit for a princess and perfect for a fresh new make up look just in time for spring.
1. The Vintage Cosmetics Company: Powder Brush, £16 (buy here)   2. Marc Jacobs: Daisy Dream Eau De Toilette, £46.80 (buy here)     3. Topshop: Nail Polish in Pirouette, £5 (buy here)      4. Guerlain: Eyeshadow Palette, £41 (buy here)
5. Bobbi Brown: Lipstick in Pale Pink, £19.50 (buy here)