12 June, 2015


I'm having a hard time believing we're in the middle of June already - it's true, the older you get the quicker the years go by and I'm not sure whether that excites me or not. Either way, someone kindly told me we only have 28 weeks until Christmas and I didn't appreciate that. Jokes aside, here are all the bits and bobs I was loving during May.

10 June, 2015


On Monday last week I popped up to Graduate Fashion Week with my friend Jess from Copper Garden (thanks Cocio for inviting us). I'd never been before but as I studied fashion and textiles for several years I could really appreciate all the hard work that had gone into all the collections and portfolios I saw that day. I could only stay for a couple of the university catwalks and didn't photograph everything but here's what I did manage to snap as well as a vlog!