24 September, 2015


I finally filmed a what I ate today which has gone down really well and I shall definitely do more. Within the video, my dinner consisted of one of my favourite rice dishes which I thought I'd share via my blog too, incase any of you wanted to refer back to it rather than load the video again and again.

21 September, 2015


Saturday afternoon in Covent Garden, London
Douglas and I spent the afternoon in London on a mission to kit me out, ready for our Scotland road trip. We're going to be doing a bit of everything including having a few outdoorsy days - walks, camping and all that jazz. I know, if you told me a couple of years ago that I'd voluntarily be doing that, I'd have laughed in your face. Anyway, after spending a fortune on questionably 'stylish' outdoor clothing and my first pair of walking boots, we had lunch in Sesame; it was nice to eat somewhere new opposed to the usual go-to Pret or Starbucks. The weather was nice, chilly but sunny with no wind (my favourite) so we went for a wonder and it was just a lovely way to spend Saturday.

16 September, 2015


Ages ago and I means ages ago, I was invited to a bloggers event with Gorilla Islington to learn the in's and out's of their new, volume 3 perfume range. I completely forgot I took lots of photos from the evening and instead of them going to waste, I wanted to share them with you lovely lot. If you're not familiar with Gorilla Perfume, you may recognise them from Lush, where they are sold across the world both in-store and online. Enjoy some of the photographs I took at the event as well as learning about the Volume 3 fragrances.

10 September, 2015


This year one of my favourite go-to breakfasts (or post dinner desserts) has been a smoothie bowl. You're most likely sick of hearing about them by now if you're up-to-date on current food trends but I'm asked daily to share more recipes, one of them being my smoothie bowl so for those asking, here you go. The great thing about them is that you really only need a couple of ingredients and then the rest is up to you. This is my general go-to smoothie bowl but honestly, it changes most times I make it but you'll get the jist.