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Sunday, 20 July 2014


This month started with mine and Douglas' two year anniversary where we went for breakfast at Bill's as I've been dying to do that for ages. Doug actually booked a table on his own regard which I thought was very sweet. Before I tucked into my scrumptious buttermilk blueberry pancakes and fresh iced peach tea, I was greeted at my door with a huge bouquet of flowers from my favourite flower stall in town and some goodies from L'Occitane. May I add (and sorry if this is too soppy) that these goodies were from their cherry blossom range which Doug explained he got because it's like the Paolo Nutini song Cherry Blossom which he always sings to me. I have to say, he did good, especially for someone who has never been particularly thoughtful when it comes to gift shopping but this year he has become a pro. I'm a very lucky girl.
love this top from asos so much I want it in black too (buy similar) • lovin' summer • #TBT to 1997 before my primary ballet exam

Sunday, 6 July 2014


The past few weeks has been full of both hard work and even harder play which is a good balance if you ask me. I saw my dad for the first time in six months (the longest we've ever gone without seeing one another) where I stayed with him over a weekend in Brighton and at the same time I got to catch up with my good friend Marzia whilst he worked during the day. I'll let the rest of the photos speak for themselves but for a while now I've been thinking how I can reinvent this week in photos segment on here as I feel it's a little dated and lets face it, they're not exactly a weekly update anymore, therefore if you have any ideas please feel free to chuck them my way as I'm struggling over here.
stroll on the beach with marzia who introduced me to bubble tea for the first time • feeling grateful for this beautiful view I had for one weekend in brighton • today's agenda: edit, email, plan and blog {jeans from topshop - buy here}

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Week in Photos No.80

I have noticed that I've become a lot pickier over which photos I post on Instagram resulting in less posts per week, so really, these week in photos updates are more like fortnightly updates, hope no one minds. Anyway, the month kicked off with an evening spent with Douglas watching our ultimate favourite, Paolo Nutini in the Brighton Centre and golly gosh, he sounds even better live. It was such a lovely night. Come to think about it, we've had a few nice days together recently but apart from that, it's been the same old thing with me - editing, vlogging and coffee shop hopping.

vanilla porridge topped with frozen raspberries and golden syrup • waiting to watch paolo nutini in brighton
• the man himself - the super talented and gorgeous paolo nutini (watch vlog)
I have so much time for pret soup • excited to finally try tiny tea from your tea • got to love summer
delicious lunch in the sunshine • call me biased but I love my town • lovely weekend with the boyfriend

How is your month going so far?

YouTube photo yt_zps00e542eb.pngInstagram photo instagram_zpsa97cddc9.pngTwitter photo twitter_zps7424bff2.pngFacebook photo facebook_zpsa73fa61e.pngPinterest photo pinterest_zpsde9b4453.png

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Week in Photos No.79

Goodbye May, you were really good to me but now it's time to welcome June with open arms. I have lots of exciting things planned for this month so I'm hoping it's going to be another gooden. We had some gloriously sunny weather last weekend so before it quickly disappeared Douglas and I enjoyed a picnic in the park which you can read about here and the rest of the week was a mixture of working and catching up with friends who are back from university. I almost forgot to mention that during this month, I'm going to be vlogging every single day over on my second YouTube channel - RhiannonAshleeExtra.

picnic in the park • hair was cut a little shorter than anticipated • dress from romwe (buy here)
weekend finds/mini haul (read here) • john lewis photoshoot (read here) • who said salads had to be boring?
love my new earrings from accessorize • this is as exciting as my friday night got.. take out wagamamas for
one • casual days - topshop jeans (buy here) and bag (buy here)

YouTube photo yt_zps00e542eb.pngInstagram photo instagram_zpsa97cddc9.pngTwitter photo twitter_zps7424bff2.pngFacebook photo facebook_zpsa73fa61e.pngPinterest photo pinterest_zpsde9b4453.png

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Monday, 19 May 2014

Week in Photos No.78

Wow. What a great month May is turning into. From the small (yet should never be taken for granted) things like discovering new hang outs in my town and going for walks with my other half to facing my first ever professional photoshoot with a huge UK brand as well as my first ever premiere all in a matter of days. It's safe to say May is treating me well and I can't wait to see what the rest of summer has in store.

boyfriend knew I was feeling down so came round with these colourful flowers • oh, london • at the fine grind espresso bar - opted for peppermint tea by teapigs & dress is from topshop (buy here)
outfit: top from asos (buy here) & trousers and belt from river island (buy similar) • got to love lazy sundays •
outfit: jumper from gap (buy similar) and scarf from asos (buy similar)
off to the london premiere of 24 • met the man himself, jack bauer (kiefer sutherland) • 24 premiere (watch vlog)
big trip to the post office to send off items sold on my depop • outfit: everything from topshop • lights, camera,
action at the john lewis photoshoot for their 150 years anniversary
plaits and waves • outfit: dress and tee from topshop & cardigan from choies • the little pleasures in life (view post)
What have you all been up to this week? Anything exciting?

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Week in Photos No.77

I feel as if I've been neglecting my blog the past month but it's hard maintaining two YouTube channels, a blog, a ton of other social networks, going to events and on top of that have some what of a social life. I'm not complaining as I love it but it's still all very time consuming so bare with while I try to get on top of things. As you've probably guessed, I'm a little behind on my 'week in photos' posts, therefore instead of trying to catch up on all my photos (there are a lot) I'm just going to show my recents ones, so if you wish to see them all, head over to my profile here. I'll stop rambling now and let you enjoy the photos from the last couple of weeks!

miami mint bikini* from triangl (buy here) • my real life tarzan • dress from choies, cardigan from topshop (buy similar) and nail polish in 'pow green' by maybelline
homeware haul (watch here) • rainy days • bag from urban outfitters (buy here) and sunglasses from the little deer 
mumkin bubble bar from lush • dress from missguided (buy here) and cardigan from choies • #tbt
tmi tag with boyfriend (watch here) • walk in the woods • reflecting by the pond with douglas
can't being myself to eat this adorable chocolate bunny • mojito time • it's been a long day for miss piggleton

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Week in Photos No.76

I have had such a lovely couple of weeks filled with sunshine, scrumious food and a few too many baths (if that's even possible). I slept over for the first time in Douglas' new place which is based onsite at his new job and even though I hate the fact there is no wifi, signal or 3G (let alone 4G), it was surprisingly nice to be in the middle of nowhere surrounded by acres and acres of wood with tiny brown bunnies hoping around all over the place - I'm amazed I haven't stolen any... yet!

date night with douglas • lush haul (watch here) • love this new jumper from topshop (buy here
my view when I woke up • this was so tasty, if I do say so myself • lovely housewarming gift from my grandma
this was as exciting as my friday night got • sex bomb from lush • surprise pancakes from douglas on shrove tuesday

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Week in Photos No.75

This week I moved into my own place for the first time and I have to say I'm a lot happier for it. I'm still trying to get my head around reading energy meters, working the heating and all that comes with having your own place, but the flat is coming together nicely and I'm pleased to say I definitely chose the perfect flat for me (that was in my price range of course). I even got myself up at eight this morning to go to my gym for a spinning class which was a great way to start the day. Everything seems to be piecing together well and I'm feeling very positive about this year.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Week in Photos No.74

It's that time of the week again, when I round up the last seven days (or so) of my life, through the eyes of Instagram. I have been fully getting back into the swing of things and it feels like I've not stopped, but in a good way. You may not have heard that I'm moving out in just over a week (I explain why in this video). It was pretty spontaneous decision that I only made a few weeks ago and now I officially have my own flat. Looking for for one and getting my head around all the legal bits for the first time took up a lot of energy but I'm ever so excited to have a place to call my own and I move in on the 19th!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Favourite Instagram Accounts

You may have noticed that Instagram has a firm hold over me. Whether I'm posting my latest outfit and adventures or just browsing through my feed, I can't get enough of it. To put it lightly. I know many of you reading this can most likely relate to my obsession, so I'm sure you'd like to hear about my favourite Instagram accounts. So, in no particular order, here are my top seven insta-crushes!

photos: idalaerke
1. @idalaerke
I found it so hard to find just four photos to use from Ida's Instagram because every photo is a modest masterpiece. She has the most picturesque way of documenting her life and gosh is it lovely. 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Week in Photos No.73

Happy Sunday everyone!

This has to be the shortest Week in Photos post I've every done, although some would say six Instagram photos within a week is still quite a lot. I like to try my best to do these roundups weekly (every Sunday) to keep you up-to-date with my personal life, new purchases and all that jazz, for anyone who's actually interested, therefore I thought I'd just do a little update. This week, along with most, I have been battling with post Christmas blues and trying my best to get back on track with everything. Safe to say I'm slowly getting there. Things are still pretty quiet in the blogosphere but I'm finally jotting down events and work in my calendar, making the next month nicely busy and I can't wait to be back to the usual 'London every other day' thing.